What a dream it was !

What a dream it was !




I was walking with bare feet,

Into an unknown world,

the body was sweating immensely,

the mind was lethargic,

it was occupied with thirst for some water,

I dragged my body towards that stream,

Which was creating a euphony by its fluctuating waves,

Exasperated by my rapid breath,

I walked ahead,

I was able to see those particles Of water,

 dancing in ecstasy,

calling out to me,

and as I hurried,

a thorn pierced my skin,

from the bottom of my right foot,

it looked inside my flesh,

it threatened every single particle inside,

in return, those fearful particles,

called out to my brain for help,

the thorn was out, but the pain stayed,

walking further was deleterious,

but I continued,

it was all worth it,

when my throat finally caressed that pure water,

and then suddenly I woke up,

feeling content,

Wondering, what a dream it was,


Determined more than ever,

To remove all thorns of life,

and move ahead,

To satisfy the soul’s thirst,

of the eternal truth…

Walking Briskly…

Walking Briskly…

It was a lonely road and I kept walking briskly,

I reminded myself,

That Everything will be fine,

But The night was very dark,

Doubt was playing hide and seek with me,

What if I get lost?, I wondered,

The wind was being deceitful,

It sometimes gave me peace,

And sometimes caressed my face indignantly,

I walked further and got surprised,

From very far, I saw some people,

And in the next moment,

The darkness started immersing in the bright light,

I was finally back to where I belonged,

But was I really back?

There was a sudden feeling of emptiness,

I was missing the silence and the darkness,

and then,

I  again started feeling lost,

Fear and doubt joined me,

I went to that same path again to find that darkness,

that soothing silence,

But they were gone,

they left me alone among all those people,

the only  purpose now for me,

was to find that lost silence and darkness,

Because I belonged to them,

And until then,

I will have to continue “walking briskly”…

Gone are those days…

Gone are those days…


The wind was so different then,

There was a fragrance in it,

Of love and innocence,

The heart used to dance in zeal,

When the grains of sand mingled,

With falling raindrops,

The mind used to wonder in awe,

By looking at the stars twinkling in the night,

At that time,

Dreams were created,

In every single moment,

Fear was like a stranger back then,

It never looked into those eyes,

It was afraid may be,

Something different used to flow,

In the space that time,

That time still stirs the mind,

And it still feels fresh,

When the mind wanders into that dreamland,

Which was for real back then,

Right now,

The rain is falling,

The wind is blowing,

But that fragrance is missing,

I guess,

Gone are those days…




It betrayed me,

By using abysmal ways,

Turned me into a braggart,

It Misinterpreted success,

I lambasted everyone around,

I wanted to be free,

But it caged my mind,

And made me sadistic,

The mind lost its imperturbability,

And then the puissance of soul took over,

The mind immersed itself into tranquillity,

The body started feeling guilt,

The churlishness went away,

And transience was defeated…



it flew against the air tenaciously ,

to mingle with one of its own,

it lamented on its way,

thinking ,where the others have gone,

it remembered that moment,

and those emotions,

when the body was obliterated,

and everybody went,

it was after all,

just a particle of ash,

searching for the eloped soul,

which was now without a face,

but the soul was in zeal,

dancing in ecstasy,

there was no sadness,

only  happiness in real…



Enshrouded by lies,

heart burning in fear,

emotions are combating,

inside the drop of every single tear,

body is sweating in despair,

mind is unaware,

darkness is devastating,

even a single ray of hope is rare,

standing at the dead end,

trying to seek light,

life is at its nadir,

the only choice is to rise…

Now I know…..

Now I know…..


What you see is not always the truth, sometimes eyes can be misleading. Haughtiness over senses is devastating. I was walking towards my house from work, and i saw her standing, looking down from the window of a dimly lit house. Usually you remember your localities very well, but strangely I was unable to locate that house in my memory. I felt may be I was misguided by my mind, but any ways this was not a big thing to worry about.

That night when I was about to sleep, I suddenly thought of that unusual lady living in that peculiar house. And I started to wonder about what might she be doing in that house alone, or may be she has company, but something in her look told me that she was waiting for someone. But why I was interested in her life was the most important question.

In the morning when I was going to work, I tried to find that house and the lady. I looked around everywhere but she and her house was missing. And then my mind was in a state of shock. My obdurateness was defeated. Was it magic or something else? I was unable to understand anything. I just decided to not tell anyone about it, because I knew others will not understand.

But that lady and her house still haunts me, its been thirty years since that incident, but that memory is still fresh. I am lying on my hospital bed and suddenly a bright flash appeared in front of my eyes. I woke up in my living room, my mother was looking through the window, she was waiting for my father, who died when I was ten years old. And then I realized that the house that was haunting me was my own house, it was dull because at that time we hardly survived. And that lady was my mother.My mind was  devastated , I looked at myself and I was ten years old. I then fainted. And now in the hospital I have a memory of that time, when I fainted in my own house. Only difference is that now I know why I fainted.