It was 2.30 in the morning when I suddenly woke up. I went to the washroom and as I was about to close the door of the washroom I saw someone looking at me from inside the mirror.

I know it sounds silly, because mirror will show only me and there was no one else but there was someone with whom I have never met before. He looked like me but his face displayed no fear at all. It appeared like he was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what.

It was the scariest moment of my life. And it was a big realization too. And I was not able to sleep the whole night wondering about who am I? Was I the person looking in the mirror or was I the person who was inside the mirror?

But the more important question was can i ever become that man in the mirror? Can I ever be that fearless?

And finally I was left with just one question..

Can I ever be myself?


11 thoughts on “who am i?

      1. Did that make sense? Sometimes images strike me more than actual ideas … I think that’s what makes poetic images so important: they speak at a subconscious rather than intellectual level.

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  1. Well that is exactly what I wanted to show, you see sometimes when we see in the mirror we don’t recognize ourselves. We see a totally different person there. And it is scary sometimes. And your way of looking at things in images is very interesting. It makes reading more fun. Glad you liked it..


  2. Nice blog. 🙂 There really come a point in our lives when we lose our identity because of conformity or just because we want to be accepted by others– but this does not really makes us happy because to be truly happy, we should know who we are and be that…that’s the only time we can be at peace with ourselves and live our purpose…


    1. write so well..nice and clear thoughts..and yes it is really not that difficult to be yourselves..
      Waiting for your new posts..
      Thanks again for visiting..

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