I was writing a movie script and their was one intense fighting scene. The two main characters in the film were to fight each other because of some misunderstanding between them.

As I was the writer, I was able to feel both characters and also justify them. In other words I was in both of them. But the characters were not aware of that and so they kept on fighting.

As the writer is in each and every character it means that every character is justified. But if the character knows this than for him the act of fighting will become silly. He will know that the one with whom he is fighting is he himself. So no point will be left, because why would we fight with ourselves. It sounds stupid.

In life also things are quite similar. We all believe that there is a god or a writer who wrote different characters. So when we fight with each other it is all role play. But suppose after we die we get to know that we were just fighting with ourselves because it was the writer who wrote our roles then we would find it idiotic.

Why not just understand this now and stop fighting?

But then I realize that there is no point in that because it is all in the hands of the writer, he can write anything he wants.


4 thoughts on “is life a movie?

    1. Yes…and sometimes when we see a person killing another we get terrified and shocked..the hardest part is to digest that he is just role playing and we would have done the same if in his place…
      Thank you for stopping by..


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