a beautiful view of my city…

It is not the perfection which makes a good picture, it is rather the imperfection which does the job. in the world full of perfection we the humans have our own little imperfections. These pictures though are beautiful, shows the beauty of imperfection. when we rise above our imperfections we don’t become perfect but we do become beautiful..

enjoy and have a say..WP_20160424_13_31_23_ProWP_20160424_13_33_26_ProWP_20160424_13_39_30_ProWP_20160424_13_39_45_ProWP_20160424_13_42_50_ProWP_20160424_14_41_29_ProWP_20160424_14_41_35_ProWP_20160424_14_53_05_ProWP_20160424_14_55_00_Pro(1)WP_20160424_14_55_00_Pro


19 thoughts on “a beautiful view of my city…

      1. Haven’t been to Ratlam but looks beautiful through your lens! I am mostly on the go and have spent my life in different parts of this country ad the world…Glad to have bumped into you through the blog…keep writing. Do stop by my site when you have a moment. Cheers


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