He was looking disheveled, his body covered in sand, he was bleeding. He went to his room and closed the door.

Everyone in the family got worried, one of his friends told them that he was beaten up by some violent morons.

He was crying without tears, his heart was racing, he was scared. The whole incident kept playing in his mind even after he passed his college and got a job.

Whenever he walked on the street he felt a sense of fear that someone will come and beat him up, it may sound funny for some, but he was really devastated.

He was sitting near the beach thinking about his fears. Suddenly he diverted his attention to the sand on the beach, the sand was all ready to meet with the approaching water, though it knew that it will be washed away by the brutal force of water but the sand was waiting fearlessly for the water. Even it got washed away, it fought bravely.

He was just imagining the sand as himself and all of a sudden something from within knocked his heart from inside. He never analyzed what actually happened, but after that moment he walked on the streets without fear and faced everyone with full confidence.

That incident which thrashed him earlier in his life had now made him stronger than ever.
Nothing in life is permanent, change will happen and it will take just a moment to get going.

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