I was in my sleep, breathing very fast. For the first time in my life I knew that I was dreaming.

In my dream I was running towards someone, with a knife in my hand, my eyes full of anger and frustration. I was running very fast and that is why my heart was racing, even though I was in sleep.

I was fully aware of my dream. I was about to stab him from the back, but I missed it. He then disappeared in the crowd and never appeared.

I woke up the next day with the memory of that weird dream still alive in my mind.

I had no job, I was a thief and I was only good at robbing people, at least it was what I thought. I was walking on the street locating my targets and suddenly I saw someone on the opposite side of the street.

He was, I remember, looking like me from behind. It was not possible for me to see his face, also  I wasn’t excited about that. So i stayed on my mission, I ran towards him and snatched his wallet from the back pocket and never looked back.

After a few seconds I noticed that he was running towards me with a knife in his hands and i guessed that he was really very angry.

Suddenly my mind went to the dream I had last night, it was the exact situation, just that I was the one with the knife.

I thought to myself, the person whom I was running after in my dream was me only?

I was scared and terrified.

But I knew one thing, I didn’t hit that person, he ran away. That gave me confidence, I ran like never before and before he could stab me, I disappeared.

But that whole incident kept haunting me forever in my life, me killing myself…….

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