It was around 2 AM, everyone was asleep. I was watching a movie. I was feeling a little sleepy so I turned off my laptop and closed my eyes. It was quite remarkable actually, entering the territory of sleep, with your body fully tired from the whole day’s work. There was an empty room along side my room, of which I remember that i closed its door.

But I heard a sound, which I knew was coming from the door. I was completely sure that no one from the family was there, because it was an empty room, and why would anyone enter in it in the middle of the night. And this thought made me really scared, because if it was not family, then who was it?
I was so afraid that I was not able to go there and look for myself. And then I convinced myself that it was nothing but my imagination and no one was actually there. So I tried to sleep again.

After a while, I guess a few minutes, I woke up, I don’t know why, but I was awake with my eyes still closed. Slowly I opened my eyes, and to my left I saw someone sitting and watching me. I tried to not open my eyes full and see her. I didn’t knew her, never seen her before. But she was watching me like she knew me very well. I raised my hand and tried to touch her, but as my hand reached her shoulder she disappeared.

I was stunned and terrified. My heart was racing, I played some songs in my phone and listened to them, with my eyes inclined towards right, because I still thought that she was sitting on my left.

After three hours when some morning light came in the room, I gathered courage and looked to the other side. There was no one there. I walked to that other room and I saw that the door was open. All were still asleep.

But I now knew about who opened that door.

In the night when I thought I closed the door I didn’t, as I was watching the movie, I told myself that after completing the movie, I will close the door. But I directly fell asleep thinking that I closed it. In the movie there was a mother who puts his son in bed and watches him sleeping. And that explains that women watching me.

And as the door was open it made that sound because wind was blowing in the night. And the women disappeared when I touched her because as I thought correctly it was my imagination…..only imagination..


17 thoughts on “just imagination………..

  1. Neat story. This could be a ghost. It could be a dream. It could be imagination running away the main characters mind. It’s one of those things you just go, “huh,” cause you would never really know the truth. Great story 🙂


    1. Yes…indeed we will never know the truth..we will just be with a answer which will be more assuring and less scary..but yes, the curiosity will always be there..
      Thank you for reading..

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    1. Well, that is the funny part. We can never be sure, but our mind needs reasons for everything. So it may have actually happened..but that scares I like to believe that it didn’t..
      Thanks for reading

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      1. Haha. Mind is messy. I have had a couple of incidences myself. You could read them. I am still unable to rationalise why did those incidences happen. And I plan on sharing them all. They are quite a few.


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