Beginning with a short story that will set the mood for what I am up to.

Sameer was a school kid,everybody used to call him Sam. Sam was a average kid,he was very thin,he was just average in studies, but he was a good football player.All was going well in his life.

But one day when he was taking a nap in the afternoon,he saw an unusual dream.In his dream he saw characters that he never knew.This will not be surprising to hear because everyone of us have seen dreams with unknown characters. In Sam’s dream he saw that he was running in an open ground which was not ending.He was running from a person who wants something from him,which Sam did not wanted him to take.Sam was trying hard but soon he got tired.Finally he was caught by the man who was chasing him.The man took what he wanted and threw Sam off a hill.Sam was falling from the hill,and then his dream broke.He was sweating.His heartbeat was racing.

Have you not ever witnessed a dream in which you are falling from a hill or from anywhere?

Now what do you think the man wanted from Sam ?

As I already mentioned that Sam tried very hard to run away from that man but still he was not able to do it.

Why was Sam not able to stop anything that was just in his mind?

If it was his imagination then why he was not able to stop anything that he did not wanted to happen?

Many times in your dreams you must have wanted some things to stop but you were not able to do it.

Have you ever wondered why?

Now look at this from a different view.Suppose you are watching a movie, and the movie you are watching is not turning to be what you expected from it, you think that some things in the movie must change, but you can’t do anything about it because the movie has already been made.

Now go back to a dream.It is possible that whatever you are dreaming is not your imagination,It is like a movie, it is something which has already happened,you are just watching it in your mind,Because it is stored in some part of your brain.

It may not be true,but it seems logical.

Many of us will argue that if all of it is stored in our mind then why can’t we remember it?

It is because we are so occupied in our daily lives that we are not able to focus on things which are hidden in some part of our mind.

What if our purpose of life is to remember what we have already gone through in previous life or whatever?

There is one more observation which will support the above assumptions.

Whenever you wake up from a dream you will not remember from where it started,You will only remember where it ended.It is because it was playing in your mind and when it stopped you only remembered the last flash.If it would have been just your imagination, then you must have remembered from where it started.

There is one more interesting observation about dreaming,Which I will tell you through another story.

This is a story of a lady who was suffering from paralysis,Her name was Lisa, Lisa was not able to walk,because she did not felt anything in her lower part of the body.One day she had a dream in which she fell from stairs along with her wheelchair.She was immediately taken to the hospital.The doctors after diagnosing  her were shocked to see that Lisa was alright,her legs were
back to life, She was able to walk again.When Lisa woke up from the dream she was heart broken,as she was just dreaming and she still was in the same condition.

Few days later the same incident took place.Exactly the same what Lisa dreamed of.She fell from stairs and was taken to the hospital,and she was able to feel her legs.

What do you derive from that story?

I think you are confused.It was a very strange incident. People often say that we see the future and whatever we see in a dream it turns up true,Well clearly from the story it is proven.

There are two views by which this dream of Lisa can be interpreted.

The first view is that Lisa’s imagination was so strong that it converted everything that was seen in the dream to real life.But it is not possible because many of us dream day and night of various things but they never come true.May be it is true but logically it is hard to believe.

The second view is also hard to believe but it is logical.What if Lisa has already gone through that which happened in the dream.It is possible that Lisa has been through this fall from stairs before,and she has got her legs back earlier,And in this life she is just remembering what she has gone through, and when she saw the dream she was just visualizing things which have already occurred.

But in this life she thought that her dream came to reality.

This view tells us that whatever we go through in our lives has already happened.We are just here to remember it.

These two dreams have concluded to the same point that nothing in this life is in our control,Whatever that has to happen will happen,You cant change anything.

People also talk about time travel,Time travel can also be used to prove the above point.

Suppose time travel is possible.You can go to the past or future.

First imagine yourself to be in the past.If you go to your past and meet your father,And you try to stop your father from getting married to your mother,Then in that case you will never be born.But if you are not born then you can never go to your past because you don’t exist.

This explanation tells us that you can not change anything in the past.

Now suppose you went to the future,you see yourself in old age,You go and murder yourself.But your future version will know this because he himself in his past has gone to the future to kill himself.So if your future version knows that he will be killed by himself,Then he will try to prevent it,But he cannot,because his past version has already killed his future version,And we can’t change anything that has already occurred.

This tells us that neither the future nor the past is in our control.Everything is fixed and nothing is changeable.

The above theory is an hypothetical imagination, for some of you it may be wrong.But if you think hard enough,you will connect with the concept.

17 thoughts on “Dreaming and Time travel……..

  1. Your post made me think twice! Actually there are different meanings interpreted by different people, from one side it has some positive meaning where as other people interpret it in different way, fall from somewhere means anixity and chase related to good sign (encouraged to face any situation). I love dreaming:D thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it is the mysteriousness which pushes me to know more and more about it..your interpretation is also very positive..thank you for reading..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with your hypothetical imagination. I have given some thought to this before and how time travelling is just simply impossible. Keep on writing!


  3. This really made me think. Nice concept. I agree the past cannot be changed. 🙂
    But why would you want to kill your future self? Or stop your parents from marrying?


  4. You have a wonderful imagination and a gift for creating. You put a unique spin on time travel. The past is unchangeable. WP won’t allow me to like this at the moment. Will try again later.


  5. Don’t bother…you appreciation is what motivates me..thank you so much for reading and giving your valuable comments..
    Keep in touch..)


  6. Interesting. I agree with you in that sometimes what we dream takes place. And we have this sense of de ja vu. But I don’t agree we can know the future. That isn’t available to us. Though we may experience events or people we have seen a dream, the events are never exact, nor are our relationships with the people. At least from what I dream. More often, I think we think about something or experienced something and are brain mirrors that and possibilities of how the situation could have better or worse worked out.
    Great piece.


  7. Thank you for reading…for me dejavu occurs because we feel that something which is happening right now has already happened before. So I thought may be whatever future we are yet to discover has already happened but we don’t realize it yet. That is just my view..
    Keep in touch..


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