They said I have no value, they maligned me, I heard them all. I replayed all the maledictions thrown at me again and again in my head, wondering whether if they were true. I knew they weren’t.

But I did not had the courage to walk intrepidly into my own path. It seemed far more simplified to just believe what others were saying.

That was the point when my gregariousness was swept away by my cowardice, I don’t want to be harsh on myself, but trust me, I am saying it very modestly.

How ignorant was I when I thought those people as the knowledgeable, It was not only my fault, I have been fed with enormous information from my birth, and I was so innocent that I trusted that information without any confrontation.

But there is something so unusual about time, it goes on, but with it a change is initiated, and when that change is manifested into reality, something incredible happens. And suddenly you notice that all those maledictions were actually blessings in disguise.

Now if I hear someone dictating me, or evaluating me, I just feel proud of my growth. I now don’t need to wonder about my abilities just to prove others.

Just one thing about which I still wonder, everything is same around, the level of ignorance too did not change, so how did I changed ?

And then comes the most important realisation , I was the same, exactly the same, I still am the same, just that I didn’t knew myself earlier.

When you know and understand yourself, the need for verification from others disappears.


10 thoughts on “know yourself…

  1. I think this is the problem with most people when it comes to how people make money, their love life and even their level of happiness. Too many people just don’t know themselves well enough. They don’t know what they’re good at. they don’t know what makes them happy and they don’t know themselves comfortably enough to not let other people’s opinions affect them. this is very important for everyone to understand. great post:)


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