I fell down from the tree, in front of me there was a huge gate, it was so huge that I was not able to locate its summit.

A man was guarding the gate, he was very heavy, and in order to enter the gate one needed to deceive the man. I on the other end was svelte, with fear shining on my face.

I was a prosaic, my thoughts were caged, I was not able to comprehend the situation. The man was looking pernicious, his eyes were releasing maledictions every time he looked around.

The scenario seemed to me as ostensible, but I was not sure. I slowly walked down towards that hoary man.

As I got closer to him, he was getting bigger, his ferocity was killing my every single ray of hope. I tried to be amiable at first, but it didn’t worked.

I had no other way to go, all was beyond that huge gate. At one point I almost became vapid, the fear of confrontation was so much that I thought of dying.

There was a hole in that gate through which I was able to witness the magnificence beyond. That gave me some courage.

I ran towards that man and thrashed him to the ground to enter into that beautiful unknown world.

When I looked back that man seemed very small, I wondered why?

Earlier it was my mind which magnified him using my fear. But now I knew that I was fearless.

I woke up from the sleep.

In my imaginary dream I realized that my imagination of any problem is wrong, my imagination was magnifying itself using my fear.

It was the fear I needed to remove to get back my original imagination, which in my dream I did, but in reality I still haven’t….


7 thoughts on “Fear corrupted imagination….

  1. Shreyans, wonderfully written, so vivid and visual. Not knowing if this is based on a actual dream or “imaginary dream”, you certain were able to capture how things morph and change during a dream. Also well done, your description of how the dream itself unfolds. I think although dreams are often fractured and disjointed, they can be interpreted and applied to our waking lives. Terrific and thought provoking. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~ Mia

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    1. Hello Mia, thank you for this appreciation. Getting this from you is a big motivation, you are such a terrific writer. Thank you for making time for my posts…and yes you are right, it was an imaginary dream…
      Eagerly waiting for your next blog..

      Liked by 1 person

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