With a bad day, all my hope in this world was benighted, actually nothing happened to me, but sometimes when we see around, we see bad things.

Though I have understood over the years that people are panegyric from outside, but in real, they are different. The mellifluous things we hear from them are just illusions.

When a father was in the market with his little son, something strange happened. A man was cutting chickens, one second they were alive and in the next second dead. They don’t take much time in dying, like humans do.

The man was looking expedient, all his attention was focused on his work.
The son asked his father- dear father, why do we kill these little chickens? Isn’t it morally wrong?

The father replied- No son, it is a cycle, we have to eat them, otherwise their population will increase.

The son replied- so why don’t we just kill them and not eat? In this way they would be able to live a little longer, as we will kill them only when their population becomes a trouble.

The father didn’t had any answer. After a long pause, the father said- it is our food, we need food for survival.

The son asked- will we die without it? Don’t we have anything else to eat?

The father was again stunned. He knew he had no answer, he wasΒ  just trying to manipulate his son in believing him.

The son said- give me an answer only when you can reason it yourself.

That night the redolent chicken was not able to bring the father to the dinner table, he was taking the earlier discussion with his son very seriously. He never answered his son, but he also never ate it again.

It is really strange how could people behave so double sided. In general people belong to two different groups, theists and atheists, there are other groups too, but these two are the most basic.

So a theist believes in god, he believes in right and wrong, if he is killing someone, say a chicken, he is doing wrong. Because he is hindering with god’s creation. So a theist is bound to save the chicken, otherwise he has no right to call himself a theist.

On the other hand, an atheist believes that there is no god, so morality is not objective but relative. We can do what we feel is right, if it is permitted legally. So yes killing of chicken is permitted everywhere, as if they were only made to die. But then according to them, killing of humans will also be okay, because morality is just opinion based. And if a more powerful person kills a less powerful one, then it should be okay, and it should be permitted legally, because lately human population is becoming more dangerous then chicken population. And the atheist will not be able to get himself out from this dilemma.

In order to understand this, why not perform an experiment, bring a pet to your house and spend time with it for a week. And after that kill it with your hands.

How does it feel?

Do you feel guilty?

You will definitely get your answer. Now do the same with your old furniture, use it for a week and then destroy it.

In which case do you feel more guilt?

You see the difference now. It doesn’t matter which animal you kill, eat or use.
But one thing should matter to you, and that is- are you true to yourself?

Are you thinking about what you are doing?

There is a wonderful world around us, why not live and let live?

Don’t stop doing it because it is wrong, no body can claim that it is wrong, just stop doing it because it is not you. Think for yourself.


24 thoughts on “its not you…..

  1. Well I don’t think world is all black and white… There is more grey than any of these and therefore there are things one can reason with and things one can’t!
    But in general I think I agree with the idea of thinking for oneself and doing only what one is agreeable with, in mind and in word!

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  2. Exactly…..if you know that something is wrong but still doing it, then you should think about it…stay true to yourself…others will give a thousand opinions..
    Thank you so much for reading…


  3. That’s a great point you have made.. Often we tend to get along with the flow and follow the herd..
    Instead, we must first agree with whatever we do..there is nothing more important than self satisfaction..

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  4. I do remember one year, when I was about 7 or 8 years old, we took a little goat. I did not know, we had the goat so it will give us fresh meat on New Years Eve.
    I cried and did not eat the mean that night. It is not easy to take a life.
    Great post my friend!
    Dajena πŸ™‚

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      1. Are we still talking about eating meat? I don’t think the word morality is the best fit when it comes to eating or abstaining from eating meat.


      2. But eating involves killing…..so are you saying killing is morality…or you think animal killing is okay….it is a moral act…only human killing is immoral..how to set such boundaries?

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      3. I believe that in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were most likely vegetarians, but when the world fell into sin, men’s relationship with God and His whole creation, including animals- was broken. The death of animals for food is a reminder of this and points to the fact that there needs to be a sacrifice to take the world back to the way it was. But after the flood, God gave humanity animals as food to eat. When people make a choice to eat meat or not, but they ignore God, then there is no point of their choice. The only way to set boundaries is to use the conscious that God has placed in us and pray to do find ways how to grow closer to God.
        This is what I believe.

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      4. Your belief is absolutely correct and justified….But i think that any act of violence can never take you closer to god. You will be closer to god once you realize that the materialistic desires should be sacrificed in order to comprehend god…because if there is life, there is god…but i agree with your idea, not the execution of the idea…I myself is trying hard to stay on it..

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