The water in the river was flowing as if racing with time, each wave was displaying alacrity, nothing stopping it. The river seemed cognizant, it was saying nothing, but teaching a lot.
It didn’t had any compunction for the past and expectations for the future. There was no cupidity at all, time was passing, but the river never aged, its attitude towards life made it eternal.

My extremely didactic mind was finding itself unable to comprehend the serenity of the surroundings. The egregious demons inside it were afraid of exposure, they didn’t let the curious neurons to work. The waves were trying to exhort my mind, they believed that my mind was extant.

I was not inane, I knew that. That was enough for me to get out of that illusionary mesh of ignorance. I decided to enter the river, not to hinder its flow, but to meet with it, to release myself in the world of wisdom.


The whole of materialistic world was calling me, telling me to keep distance from that river, trying to stop me from becoming a maverick. But I against all odds entered into the river, every single part of my body, slowly got wet in that munificent water.

I was already at my nadir at that point of time, the only option left was to rise. As I immersed myself completely into the river, suddenly time for me stopped. As if I was watching everything around not being a part of it, I felt I was outside that world, with time in front of me flowing in sink with that river.

When I was outside the river I was a pariah, but as I got lost in the river, the whole of society was there looking for me. For them I was dead, but for me it was different, I was not dead, I became immortal.

Death kills those who are afraid, and for those who are not afraid, they rise above life and death.


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