First of all i want to thank Brunda for giving me this amazing challenge. She has a very clear thought process, which is very important for  a writer. Her blogs will make you think about your own thoughts more clearly. Please do check if you want to be inspired as a writer.


I will start my first day with a quote from one of the greatest minds ever born, Albert Einstein. I will probably use all three days with his quotes. So here is the first one-


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

                                                                                 – Albert Einstein

Anybody who reads these words will definitely feel more confident about themselves, and when i read it i first tried to check it, is it really correct?

And then i observed everything around me, and i saw genius everywhere. Whenever i met with new people i found something unique in each one of them, and it is true really. You can check for yourselves. But the main question which comes to mind is-

Why the total genius is not showing? why success is only limited?

It is because we all are involved in a rat race, we try to follow others out of jealousy and insecurity. And we don’t even try to find out our own uniqueness. So with this quote i request every reader to believe in their own creativity and never underestimate anyone.

My nominations-

  1. abhijeet–    This blog is really worth reading, it will take you to some really wonderful places, and the description is brilliant. Please do check.
  2. roberta pimentel–  This blog will give you an eye for observing and knowing yourself, also you will find some good learning. Please do check.
  3. mrudula–     This blog is one of my favorites, it involves all types of reading, and the mysteriousness in the blogs is what i admire the most.


Rules for the nominees

-Take up any three consecutive days and write!

-Each quote for each day, describe what connects with you to the lines

-Each day add three other bloggers to the list of nominations

-Pass the good word

Thank You!!!


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