He entered the room, his mien was disheveled, body sweating, heart racing, face showing anger. The attack was not on him, it was on his pride.


So what if he raped a women, he still had pride, how could the police hit him?

Luckily his father came in time to assuage his condition. His father tried to mitigate him, but the warriors of anger were in no mood to forgive the neurons of calmness inside his head.

Culpability was not able to find its way inside his mind, he was always irascible. His vindictive acts were troubling him, but his mind was caged by the power of money, he could have bought anything with money, but to feed his ignorance with the fruits of wisdom required much more than just money.

The diffidence of his heart was the main reason for corruption of his mind. At first he tried to prevaricate, but the guilt made itself bigger with each passing moment, he was all alone from outside, but a war was going on inside his mind.

He was standing in front of a mirror, looking quiescent. Suddenly that demon showed up, it was scary, it danced on his face.

He asked him- “who are you ?”

he replied- ” I am you only”.

He asked again- ” who are you? “

The same reply came again. But this time he realized, it was nothing but his corrupted self, which conquered his mind.

He didn’t knew what to do, but he knew one thing, he wanted to kill that demon inside him. But was it too late for him he wondered, he decided to occlude his body.

In the next moment he was hanging from his ceiling fan, the demon was finally dead.

But he was not dead, he was still standing in front of that mirror, asking the same question- “who are you?”

But this Time no reply came, just a smile danced on his lips, finally he met with himself.


18 thoughts on “money can’t reduce guilt….

      1. No. It isn’t impossible. For those willing to try it out, it is possible. There are millions of people on Earth. If all of us felt like doing the same thing (in this case introspection) and actually executed it, it would be perfect. The willingness of all is where my skepticism lies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are right, and at this point we can only hope that they introspect before doing anything evil..or even after that..
        Thank you for sharing your views..


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