The stars were hanging from the infinite sky, all pointing towards me, may be not but it seemed so. The view was multifarious, but my mind was caged, reason being the obdurate world.

The limited munificence was never enough to broaden the mind’s perspective, the mind was not able to comprehend the ostensible universe. I coerced each and every single cell of my mind in different directions, in a search to find the hidden details. Too afraid they were, because of the guards of fear and licentiousness enforced by the egregious world.

I kept looking at those shining hanging lamps, they all threw their light of mysteriousness towards me. My whole body got illuminated, it felt as if I connected with them. I was no more inane, I didn’t had the information, I do had the knowledge.


It can’t be comprehended, it can only be felt.


I kept searching I kept trying, every day I knocked your door,
how foolish was I, never looked at the open windows.
You kept sending the truth I caved, I kept waiting for the fatuousness to go,
the world made me older early, the child inside was still extant.
For the world those were twinkling stars, some day bright, some day hidden,
for me they were the hanging lamps which taught me everyday.
In the race to get knowledge I was always steady,
I actually got it when I was ready..


8 thoughts on “The Hanging Lamps…

  1. What a wonderful read Shreyans :)… You search search for answers but you get them only when you are ready….. N most of the time the answer is just within us… But we keep searching outwardly…. this is how I interpreted it… Do let me know if I am right? … Loved how you wrote this… πŸ™‚

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