We are bounded by the boundaries of the world, no technology has the power to break those boundaries, but the mind is free. With our mind we can go anywhere. But what if there is a boundary for your mind too?

She was walking on the road,
In every eye she got scanned,
Her eyes showed fear,
Still She continued audaciously,
With Every step she made,
A lot of questions were raised,
Her every action was treated as disgrace,
She was free but her mind was caged..


We dictated her like a despot, we coerced her to follow our sayings, we told her to do what we like. Who are we to tell her? we never bothered..


She was still walking intrepidly,
With grace on her face,
And courage in her heart,
She fought her battles,
She kept her hope,
She was maligned and brutalized,
Earlier the mind was caged,
Now the body was raped..


This world is unfair, I don’t think so, I know so. He can do everything, and everything can be done to her is a sick mentality. How do they answer their conscience after such doings?


She was lying on the ground,
Every one was helping around,
Where were their ears,
When she was screaming with flowing tears,
Isn’t their conscience guilty,
Or they are roaming around with their mind empty,
She hated her life, she lost her faith,
Everything was wrong, right was a myth,
Her soul departed into the infinite,
Her body was lying, wandering was her spirit,
No more boundaries, no more dictates,
If the mind is free, what is there to cage..


11 thoughts on “She……

    1. I too don’t get it, and the worst part is we still haven’t taken any measure against it. It is frustrating. But thank you so much for you kind comment. We can hope that things get better..
      Be well..


  1. Oh the pain, the fear, the caged feeling is all well depicted. Anything a woman does is evaluated and rated. This post of yours reminded me of a short film. Burn my body. It is a malayalam short film. Very intense! If you are interested, do watch it on youtube.
    A very intense post Shreyans. Thank for understanding and thank you for penning this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have wonderfully potrayed a very serious emotion. I hope the world learns something, treat her with all the respect and such sufferings and crime against women finally come to an end 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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