It was looking at me from inside the water, it was dancing around the waves, yet maintaining its position.

I was a victim of calumny, usually people don’t get punished for their egregious behavior. But I was different, I was about to receive punishment for my munificence, my natural human quality.I was left bereft by the series of incidents that occurred to me, and that also killed my alacrity.


To adumbrate the situation, I was dead, not from outside, but from inside. It was still starring at me from inside the water.Why are you looking at me shockingly? It asked. I am nothing but your reflection, you are my creator, you own me.


I was baffled to hear that, I tried to capitulate, a feeling of compunction was there somewhere inside me.


I replied- I don’t own you, you are different, you have nothing in common with me. You are fearless and full of life, I am exactly opposite to you.

It said-

Trust me you are cognizant,

the fearlessness is there somewhere still extant,

in turning to the right direction you are able,

keep your hope alive and disown your debacle,

take that little flame inside your defunct mind, and turn it into a conflagration,

stop those leaving cells of hope from migration,

Look at me to remember yourself,

I am nothing but your lost self,

As you leave I will be be gone,

the water will allow someone else to be born..




You need not to emulate me, you just comprehend me, for I am just you, filtered with the calmness and truthfulness of the ever flowing water.

If you ever feel enervated, if you ever lose yourself, come back right here and find me,
I will be always here, because you own me, because I am nothing but your lost self..


20 thoughts on “your lost self………….

    1. First of all…thank you for reading my posts…glad you liked…and about the word defunct..all my posts are related with the inactive mind and body, thinking about the bad things, it all comes down to the state of mind, and defunct seems to be the most apt description of that situation..

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