I was thrashed out of my house, I was not able to fulfill their expectations, I was impecunious. They always said they loved me, it was really hard to comprehend , because the evidence was against them. They were responsible for the desecration of my holy mind. They all seemed ludicrous to me, because of the way they behaved and the acts they did.



I tried to ameliorate the situation every single time, but there was no pleasing them, they wanted things that I was not able to provide. How can a doctor be a lawyer? The question was very simple, but then simplicity is scarce in today’s world.



I was fed up of their carping, but never did I doubt my ability, I don’t know what, but something from inside always told me that I am doing right. That can’t be proven, it can only be felt.



Their ostentatious behavior made my life worse, when I was being thrown out, people were lamenting looking at me. They were really angry at my family for doing this to me, I could see that in their teary eyes.



I on the other hand, was thought of as a despondent, but it was not so. I was happy. It is actually a really strange thing to say, but It is true. No more burdens and pressures, life was with me, walking with me, struggling with me, crying with me, laughing with me.



The air around was sanguine dancing on the incantation of my hope, I had no money, no place to live, nothing to eat. But my smile was constantly interacting with my cheeks on the direction of my serene mind.



Whatever they say now, their sardonic behavior is not going to trouble me. I have plenty of choices, I can do good or bad, all will be on me. I will fall, but my courage will always shine on my shoulders, I will succeed but my feet will always be on the ground.



It was all in front of me, the lights, the people, the noise, the calmness, the serenity, the clumsiness, the obdurateness, the peace, and I was with all of them, with power of choosing in my hand, the power to decide which way to go. I didn’t hate life, I didn’t love life, I was happy because I was alive.


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