In this irksome absurd world around,

I walked alone on a dusty ground,

Lost in the perpetuity,

From inside feeling pity,

Suddenly, appeared her shining face,

Sunlight was envious, of her grace,

A moment of glance, and she was lost,

Was she real, or my mind’s ghost,

Another dusky day arrived,

In ecstasy my heart cried,

Standing was she, right beside me,

A smile danced and my mind went free,

Thoughts were shouting, I was silent,

I never said a word, and she went,

With every passing day,

My hope resisted to stay,

Months passed and I did nothing,

I was sad, that smile gone in a blink,

Success arrived, but she was still away,

Was it success, I wondered every day,

That moment came flying and hit me with a splash,

She called me, setting my heart ablaze,

Never relished something so pure,

Still in my mind, my only cure..








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