From inside my gloomy house,

Through the window I look out,

I see the birds chirping,

With jollity in their eyes, they are flying,

Dipped in remorse, I wonder,

To my desires, I surrender,

What it is to fly,

To relish the touch of perpetual sky,

Caged by fear of dying,

Passion inside me is crying,

Enough of the contrition,

Why live in a prison,

The mortal body will surely die,

Eternal soul will wander alive,

Jumped into the infinity,

Flew with the birds against gravity,

Within a moment, the body was on the ground,

It looked at the sky, the spiritΒ  unbound..


30 thoughts on “unbound spirit….

  1. Another amazing write, Shreyans. This write was really, really dark I must say. But I think you expressed our deepest, darkest and most morbid thoughts so succinctly. Loved the setting – character stuck inside a place and longing to be something else, like that bird outside. This is certainly impossible, and sometimes when we go too far over the edge we may face our worst nightmares. But sometimes if we do face the impossible with a never give up attitude, we see the light and feel like a brand new person.

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  2. I like this poem. Its something that a person diagnosed with cancer would write. Or someone that lost a parent, or had no one else to turn to for help; would write. I definitely been where this person in the poem has been.

    Thanks for sharing.

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