Thousands of people were passing by, betrothed in their own personal works, suddenly, a car came near the gate, I was delayed by a few seconds in welcoming it, the driver vituperated me. He claimed, that I had no right to behave as a froward , I agreed. I became maudlin and my heart started crying, it was nothing unusual though, my life has been an amalgamation of maledictions and maligning.


I sat near the gate all night, just watching and observing an old tree opposite to the gate, not as old as myself, but it inspired me to just stay at one place and do nothing. It also taught me on how to stay calm when someone does shit on you. The world was iniquitous I knew, but then there was no one who could be held responsible other than myself.


I was starving in the middle of the night, the wages were not enough to provide a healthy diet, I coerced myself to sleep, I was pretty good at it. Whatever I have been experiencing was really tough, but that had no effect on my probity, work was still my first priority.


I always believed that there is a purpose for everyone in life, what was mine, I never found out. Was that just a lie in which I put my faith, it has to be, as the evidence suggests it. Or my purpose was just sitting on a rusty chair and observing that old tree, growing every day, and watch it until it dies?


My imperturbability was at its peak, everyday I was maligned by almost everyone, my only work was to stand at the gate, and just be there, and my only companion was that old tree. That night I thought, enough was being done to me, I was ready to leave the world, my patience worked hard but failed.


The next morning, there was no watchman on the gate, my body was lying on the ground behind the gate, dogs were smelling my skinned body. A few passed as if they didn’t notice. How did I know this, I was dead, right? So what if I was dead, the world was still the same.


13 thoughts on “The watchman…

  1. Saddening yet an amazing Piece. 🙂
    Direct message was of a monotonous and dull life of a watchman.
    And what I could infer from your writing was – To not let oneself down to an extent that provokes one to die (suicide). As world was still moving at its pace when I wasn’t here, my arrival went unnoticed by them and so did my departure.

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