the weather was warm around,

The  air was ringing a pleasant sound,

Perceived the brightness, only through touch,

Was cloistered in darkness, no light as such,

The comeliness was shining everywhere,

I was  in dark, no one there,

Earlier I talked with asperity,

Inside my mind, there was no lucidity,

What it was to see,

To look ahead and run free,

Wondered it in every moment,

The inscrutability of it was dormant,

They loved the light,

I got accustomed to no sight,

for long my heart cried,

before I finally realized,

To look into the veracity, you don’t need eyes,

If you immerse in the perpetuity, above the senses you rise..


17 thoughts on “Immersed in darkness..

  1. You have a way with words. I had to google a few of I read this poem, and I feel like it describes someone diving head-first into love. The key to me is, this person is doing while being betrayed by his “crush”.

    Or I could be

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  2. Great poetry. When I read it, I felt a sense that light will triumph over darkness. Even when we can’t see the light, we can feel it. Can certainly feel that is how people who have visibility issues feel, but I also like Vinny’s broader interpretation of it. Sometimes some things can only be felt with the heart, and that is when we will feel whole.

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