The whole body was in dissonance with each other, its dormancy was clearly displayed in its plodding walk. The mind said something but the organs didn’t listen. The drabness inside the body was rising in power, and the whole body got divided.


The right hand broke the left leg, and the left hand broke the right leg. The situation became cataclysmic, both hands were now dissident, each was trying to break down the other. The impropriety of the organs was at its peak, eyes supported the left hand, while ears supported the right.


Prudence was absent, violence was dancing inside the body, mind was a despot. The right hand crushed the eyes, the left hand burned the ears. A wave of rage started flowing inside the body, it felt as if the whole body was burning with the ashes of love and munificence.


The mind was gone, with it the other organs also surrendered, the two hands killed each other, only thing left was the heart, still beating. The heart was wondering, how did it happen?


Was it so difficult for the body to live in harmony? All parts worked for a single heart, still no peace found. The body got so immersed in the ego that it forgot the common origin of its parts, the heart.

Same thing happening in the world, the ego is so powerful that we don’t recognize the common quality of benevolence, it is time to awake, otherwise only the single soul will remain, beating alone in the empty world.


13 thoughts on “Empty world……

  1. Another deep piece of writing from you, Shreyans. “violence was dancing inside the body” I love this phrase, and it reminds me of how sometimes we can self-destruct. And when we self destruct, I think we feel like what you described: every part of our body not in sync with each other, don’t know how to act, don’t know how to get ourselves together.

    Ego. Ego can certainly be blamed for this. An egoistical mind and heart only brings jealously and greed, which is dangerous in so many ways, not to ourselves but to the rest of the world too.

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