It was day time, the sun rays were dancing ecstatically over my face, my hair were long and dishevelled. I was dragging my body for every step, with bare feet. My feet were caressing the hot sand softly. After a few minutes, I guess, a large ocean grabbed my  vision, all I could see was water, struggling to find space in the ocean, fighting out to meet the hot dry sand.


I didn’t knew where I was, though I knew how to speak and walk, and what to do? I really didn’t knew anything about my life. After stressing myself for sometime, I figured out that there must have been an accident, resulting in temporary memory loss, the scar on my forehead was a clear evidence. I sat on the beach, looking at the waves, which were trying to reach me every now and then. I just waited for them to touch my feet, and make me a part of them. I was missing a sense of belonging.


50 years later …


I am still sitting on the beach, water still trying to reach my feet, the sun rays are still hot, and the sand beneath me still dry. Though, my hair changed colour from black to grey. I didn’t had any mirror, but I saw my face, at least in the water I collected in a tree trunk.

I still was unaware of myself, and as I sat there, I heard a noise, slowly becoming more loud. And soon it started to trouble my ears, it almost made me deaf.  I closed my eyes and covered my ears, and when after a few minutes I opened my eyes, I was lying in my bed. I knew it was my bed because now I had my memory. I looked into the mirror, and I was still young, with black hair, though, still dishevelled.


The next day I was in a deep thought. I was not able to comprehend about what happened.


How did I experience those fifty years in just one night?


But the more important question was,

Am I really back, or I am just sleeping on the beach, dreaming of getting my memory back ?

The frustrating part is,  I will never find out.


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