Abased soul , blighted mind,

Smile is bilking,

Look  into the eyes,

Immense pain residing inside,

Like a covert,

Trying to hide,

Thoughts shouting for help,

Being unaware of their taciturnity,

Crying out of pity,

Sitting on the pains of life,

fake happiness deceived the body,

mind became unsteady,

the truth was so blatant,

 misperception was persistent,

after being thrashed,

the soul realized,

body was just dragging it,

into the illusion of mortality,

although, the real happiness lies ,

 in comprehending  its own eternity..




13 thoughts on “Eternity…

  1. Bit of a sad poem, but one that ends on a hopeful note. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit that we are in pain or there’s something bothering us. Sometimes that’s because it is our own ego. But when we learn to see past our own ego, it’s then we come to realise happiness lies within the choices that we make for not only ourselves, but for others too.

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