There were two roads,

One was easy and secure,

The other was rough,

I chose the easy one,

Was expecting my travel to be really smooth,

With every step I felt relieved,

I swallowed the cool breeze,

And in no time,

l was standing there,

At my destination…

I finished my work,

And returned,

But this time I took the rough road,

And I got really very tired,

I regretted my experiment…

The next day,

When I was standing again,

At the junction of those two roads,

I was perplexed,

The signs were changed,

The easy was replaced by rough,

And the rough with easy,

I asked the labour, who was standing there,

Why did you change these signs?

They were rightly put yesterday,

And then,

I asked him to correct his error,

But he didnโ€™t understood,

I thought,

May be I was wrong yesterday,

And so this time,

I chose the easy path,

According to the new setting,

As I travelled through it,

It felt really easy,

In no time;

I reached my destination,

I sat there for sometime,

And wondered, why did it felt rough yesterday?

After few minutes,

A man came and asked me,

Which road is easier?

I replied,

The one which you think will be easy…


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