Come, walk with me,

You see the hill there,

The view from there is just beautiful,

Don’t think too much,

I know,

You are probably wondering,

About how will we go there,

But listen,

The path is not that tough,

We can do it together,

Don’t be such a despondent,

Now just stop thinking,

Come, get up,

Don’t you hear,

The wind’s incantation,

Do it for her,

She always caressed you calmly,

Let your precincts go away,

Please, please, please,

Now I am begging you

Come, walk with me,

My zealous soul,

Again requested to my defunct body,

Someday it will surely listen,

It hoped…


5 thoughts on “Come, walk with me…

  1. I loved it a lot Shreyans.
    The way you brought the limelight at the ending lines was truly fantastic.
    And I don’t know if people would really understand the depth of inspiration within this poem, it surely touched me deep.
    Keep bringing more of these often. 👏👏😊

    Liked by 1 person

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