The hot sand beneath my bare feet,

Caught my body,

I tried to move,

But there was no where to go,

The sand walked with me,

In every direction,

I tried to stand,

But the hotness of sand was killing me,

My entire body started to burn,

For sometime,

I rested on my back,

But soon it also started to burn,

I thought of running,

And then,

I ran,

I ran very fast, 

Was bounded by a desire,

Which kept me going,


I didn’t knew what it was,

I slowed down after sometime,

But I never stopped,

I saw something ahead,

It was just an intuition,

But it gave me hope,

I again started running fast,

The body started to feel light,

And there it was,

A river,

I made it,

It was right in front of me,

But my speed was high,

I knew that it was not possible,

to decelerate in time,


I closed my eyes,

And opened my arms,

To enter the cold water,

And as my feet drank that water,

Through its skin,

I caught my breath,

I knew that desire now,

Which was unknown before,

It was nothing but a desire to live,

And to survive,

It was my survival instinct…


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