In the dark gloomy weather,

you are lost somewhere,

I looked into the mirror,

to find you,

but you were gone,

the journey ahead seemed arduous,

the thought of losing you,


was devastating,

but I tried hard,

I again looked above,

those clouds were slowly uncovering,

the clear space,

the sun was slowly discovering my dull face,

you were standing right there,

inside the mirror,

and then I realized,

that you were always there,


I didn’t believed it before,

because the sun was not on my side,

the light was not on my side,

now, when I saw you in the light,

I will never leave you,

because with you there is light,

without you light behaves as dark…




6 thoughts on “Light…

  1. Such a wonderful write, Shreyans. I like how the person in the poem does a double take and look into the mirror once again. It is like they find the courage to face their fears and face it head on – hoping for a better day. And there will always be better days. I agree with the ending. Light will always be around us. If not sunlight, then light shining out from our eyes and heart 🙂

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