a somnolent morning,

the birds chirping,

the cool golden rays of sun,

mingling with the azure sky,

mind got lost in the past,

it went to those halcyon days,

Back then, the scene was idyllic,

the wind was lyrical,

its rustling was like a rhapsody,

and all of a sudden,

the dream broke,

from the beautiful past,

came back to the present,

the wind was now sonorous,

it guided the mind into the infinite,

the body woke up,

and realized,

that the fear named despot,

ruled the mind,

and made it feel torpid,

and blamed the morning,

which is never somnolent…



3 thoughts on “A somnolent Morning…

  1. Beautifully written poem once again, Shreyans. At first I really thought that beautiful morning was a beautiful morning…and then, it’s only a dream and back to reality. I think a lot of us can relate, and you have that knack for making us face reality in your words. Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

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