There was a house made of wood,

10 feet above the ground,

On the large tree it stood.

There were windows which brought fresh air,

And there was dust,

which accompanied the air.

The rustling air flowed from one window to the other,

and the soul sitting inside was peaceful,

It felt as if in a limerence.

But the dust kept accumulating,

disturbing the soul’s dalliance,

with the air.

The soul realized this in time, and  played a trick,

It covered the window with a long net,

which filtered the dusty air.

The dust now sat outside the window,

and watched the peaceful interaction,

of the soul and the air.

What if my body is a house made of wood?,

What if my mind is the window?,

Lets say, it is so.

Then,for a peaceful life,

I only need a net,

To filter my thoughts…


7 thoughts on “The house of wood…

  1. Shreyans, a delightful thought, “What if my body is a house made of wood?” I really enjoy the ideas that you’ve introduced here, whimsical, playful, yet still introspective and thought-provoking. Lovely poem. Please enjoy your week. ~ Mia

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