I woke up,

And walked away,


The body,

As it was moribund,


The body was behaving,

Like a sluggard,

Dragging itself,

As if it was,

under lots of pressure,

to fulfill the dreams,

to stop the heart’s screams,

to live before dying,


As I saw it,

Resting under the mud,

I felt weightless,


The union with the body,

Over the years,

Killed me,

And as it was dead,

I became alive,

I, the soul of everything,



11 thoughts on “Nothing…

  1. Another lovely, in-depth and reflective poem from you, Shreyans. When we’re going after our dreams, often we feel two different kinds of emotions as you pointed out: nothing because we feel like we will not achieve anything but at the same time also a feeling of freedom when we try. I see you tagged this post ‘learning’. We certainly learn with each passing moment, be it an important lesson or learn where we want to go.

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  2. What a thought provoking piece! We tend to carry our dreams like a burden when only they should be setting us free. I think it’s all in the head. Love how the poem ends with the resurrection of soul. Great work!

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