They are many, I am one,

I am Befuddled in life,

They are not, They are clearly stupid,

I followed egalitarianism, but they were elitists,

They thrashed me, was not their fault though,

The rule of majority suggested it,

One wise man in a group of idiots,

Same as one idiot in a group of wise men,

I was the idiot they thought,

They were the idiots, I knew,

I put on a mask of an idiot,

Only to be among them,

They thought I became wise,

For me, I turned into the biggest idiot,

Otherwise, Which genius wears the mask of an idiot?

To make the other idiots feel like geniuses,

It is like I don’t know anymore,

Is there an absolute genius?

Is your own vote enough for you to be a genius?

I asked them these questions,

It is all rubbish, they said and started laughing…


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