The desire to play in the rain

The irremovable cloth stain

To sleep for hours

The injuries and scars

All desires transformed

Into new ones

To have lofty fame

To have monetary gain

Their desirability increased the effort

Hard work took from failure to success

The journey was filled with maledictions

But the desires were passionately imbibed by the heart

Now new transformations awaits

To love and get loved by family and friends

To teach the experience gained

To discover the depths of death

Before it snatches the last breath

It is now one on one

It is looking directly into the eyes

Death is scared of getting alive

The unsatisfied curiosity is jolting the heart

A drop of water emanates from the eyes

It travels through the rough skin

To reach the dry lips

After living every moment abundantly

The lips vibrate in fear

And asks death one question,

‘What is life?’




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