The exotic surroundings

And the wilderness around

Nothing matters much

As I walk along the road

Afraid of getting hit by a car

I walk fast so that no one catches me

My eyes are always down

Not on the roads

They just point downwards

And look towards nothing

I just keep moving my feet

The purpose is just to be with someone

It has been long

The breath runs faster than the feet

The sweat owns the body

A car came rushing from behind

And ran by me like a flash

I almost fell by the air pressure it created

My heart skipped a beat

For too long I have been lonely

The craving just kills me

I move faster

I see two trees

With long branches meeting at the top

The trees mingled

To give each other company

Nobody wants to be alone

I sat between them

I decided at that moment

That this is the place

Where I want to meet him.




8 thoughts on “The meeting.

    1. That is what i like about poetry. There can be many interpretations.

      Actually it was not she, it was he. And the meeting was with himself. He was walking fast to get some alone time.

      But i liked your interpretation…thank you very much for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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