This happened to me once

When I walked and walked

To find something or someone

I saw trees covered by their branches

Big wavy branches 

And they were letting every drop of water 

On the ground

Drop by drop through their leaves

I saw those drops of water

Seeping into the cracked earth

I saw people and humanity

Fighting with each other

When I was a child

I was once playing football

And I accidentally kicked the ball

Into our own goal post 

Which I was supposed to protect

I knew that it was foolish

But as I grew up I saw everyone doing it

Not on the football ground

But on the battlefield of life

Shouldn’t we be on humanity’s side?

Why are we kicking the ball into our own goal post?

These thoughts raced through my mind

As I raced on the streets 

I finally reached somewhere

It was the place where my body was burned 

The ashes were now cold

I tried to mingle with the particles of ashes

But I couldn’t do it

Was it too late?

It was not too late I realized

As I heard my alarm ringing.


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