One fine morning, I was sitting in my room

My clothes were all over the floor and I looked into the mirror

‘What are you looking at?’ I asked myself.

I looked into the mirror dreadfully

‘What a great imitator’, I wondered.

I sat there for few more minutes

And waved my right hand slowly

Without making any noise

I was out of my mind when I saw a hand waving back at me slowly

‘Who are you?’ I asked.

I saw his lips moving and dancing on the directions of my voice

‘This is a miracle’, I thought.

‘What a calm and pleasant man’, I wondered.

I was all worried suddenly, his calmness made me jealous.

He copied my every move perfectly

And followed with precision

But there was serenity in his eyes

And sadness in mine

Because I felt it, it had to be there

That one difference killed me

I wanted to shatter him into pieces

So envious I was of his pleasantness that I threw my clock at him

I broke it into pieces

Earlier there was one happy man, now there were many

All of them happy and calm

Whatever I do, they won’t change

I had no influence on them

Suddenly the dread in my heart was gone

The squabbling that terrified me over the years was gone

If I can’t influence them then I too won’t get influenced

The steering was in my hand

I moved and those broken pieces followed

I laughed and they laughed with me

Now we were all similar without any difference.  


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