Outside the window, I looked

Broad roads covered with trees

The trees were bent on one side

They were tired of standing it seemed


The sun filtered its rays

By throwing them on the leaves

Leaves which were green

But varying from light to dark


Some birds were sitting on the branches

Shitting on the people passing by


Vehicles were rushing away


On one side of the road

Beggars were sitting

Asking for money and food


Some students were walking on the footpath

Discussing their exam paper


One lady was buying groceries

Suddenly, an ambulance passed

Screeching its horn

Either carrying a dead body

Or trying to save someone

But its speed suggested

Possibility of life


On the building opposite mine

Children were playing football

In the hot sun


My thoughts were in a disordered state

Same as the view through my window

It was all messy and disordered

But still, it seemed perfect.


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