Broken heart crying inside

But how would a heart cry?

It sure feels heavy


It is one of those days

When you feel really low

Your body is belligerent

But the mind has given up


There was this man

I admired him a lot

Always happy and cheerful

Every time he will be ecstatic


He made me envious

Until one day

I saw him in his solitude

Crying like a baby

Sitting in his garden



The clouds were gone now and the sun was bright

I was really happy

I should not have been that happy

But I was ecstatic

I was relieved

That man who looked always happy

Was a fake

A big lie

And I got a reason to stay depressed and sad again


Sometimes I wonder

How comforting is sadness?

How difficult is to look happy?


I left that man and never returned. Β 

5 thoughts on “a fake

  1. Looks can be deceiving as you alluded to in your poem. A happy man might be quite the opposite on the inside and a happy face may just be a happy facade. Maybe it is easier to look happy than it is to actually talk to someone about how we really feel. Another great poem, Shreyans πŸ™‚


      1. Congratulations on your new book, Shreyans. What an achievement and well done. I’m not sure if it ships to Australia, but I will keep the book in mind when I’m next buying a round of books to read πŸ™‚


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