I sat with him for hours

And we discussed

As the sun immersed in the infinite ocean

The warm air turned cold

The rolled sleeves went down

And the stars came and sat in the eyes

And for some time I lost him

The wet sand below my feet

Witnessing my ignorance

But he kept talking

How do I tell him without hurting?

I just don’t want him anymore

Even the sky shouts from above

To be honest

At least to him

And I just wondered

A big wave stood up in the middle

And it came roaring towards us

We both were scared

And we looked at it

Eye to eye

He was actually looking down

And then something hit me

I walked

Not away

But towards that gigantic wave

The sky was crying in awe

He was dead

I looked at him

As I sat on the wave

And touched the sky.

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