It was a bright day in a village, which was situated very far away on an island. Only around fifty people lived in that village. The food and lifestyle habits of people in that village were very simple. The village was inside the green forest. There were big trees all around and wild animals. The work was distributed evenly among everyone.  Some took care of the safety from the wild animals and the rest of them arranged for food.

In the night people will sing songs and talk. Generally, they would talk about the life beyond the waters. They had boats but they never managed to see the other side of the shore. They were very curious about the things they didn’t know. They didn’t have the means to satisfy their curiosity.  The bright day had now turned into a dark night. All eyes locked their curiosity inside.

A big explosion was heard. Everyone woke up and ran to find out about it. A big plane was coming from the sky towards them. It was burning like a ball of fire. Soon, the entire island was on fire along with the people.  Those people died with curiosity in their eyes. Far away, on the other side of the shore, people read about the missing plane. Within days the news was forgotten. People got back to their lives. The uninterested people will never know about those people who died with curiosity in their eyes.

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