When I was a little boy

Not too little to not understand

Also not too big to let go

So, I was walking down the road to my friend’s house

And I saw a man beating a child

With belt in his hand and dread in his eyes


I saw people not reacting to it

They just walked by ignoring the crying child

As one walks in a garden with flowers in it

Inside my mind, I wanted to kill that man

But my hand didn’t move

Fear swallowed every inch of my mind


I stayed away from violence since then

Running away became the best option for me

That look in the eyes of that man was horrifying

I haven’t met or seen god

But I saw evil that day

And as I grew up I saw evil being worshipped


I am told today of what I should and shouldn’t do

I am judged for my work

I get maligned for the way I speak, the way I be

And my mind is forced to stay in a cage, a prototype

Every day I get beating from everywhere

There is no belt, no scars, just a crying child.

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