I was just walking one day on the busy streets of Mumbai city. I was listening to some music and making up a story in my head while observing everything that was happening around. The weather was pleasant with less humidity than usual. Suddenly, I saw a man sitting on the footpath. He had an unbelievable aura around him. A bright circle of light was shining around his neck. I stopped by to look at it.

I was free that day and I still wasn’t able to figure out much about the story I was making. I decided to go and talk to that man. I had time to kill and I thought maybe I will get something out of him.


 I went to him and in a very polite tone I asked, ‘Sir, do you mind if I join you?’

‘Yes sure’, he replied in a firm voice.

‘What do you want to know’, he asked with a blank face.

‘How do you know that I want to know something?’ I asked hesitatingly.

‘Well don’t complicate things, I just guessed since you asked to join me’, he replied casually.

‘I am working on a story but I am badly stuck so I thought you might help me’, I said.

‘You are right, I can help you’, he replied with assurance.

‘You see we think we are writing a story, but we are not. We are writing what is already there. How can it be a creation? It is just a recollection of what you have gone through. So, I would suggest you recall what you have seen during the day or during the last month and write everything down. See, the one who is reading it will make a story out of it. He has to since he has invested his time. So don’t bother. Just write’, he finished with a bright smile on his face.


I thanked the man and walked away. I was in shock. I have gotten the best advice from a person whom I thought as a piece of observation. I went back to my home and followed his advice. I wrote about the day. And now I leave it to you, the readers, to make out a story.

15 thoughts on “Recall

  1. This was sound advice from a random man, and very kind of him to give you some of his time and share. It is so true – we make sense of the story we read and then make up our own stories, and live our lives. Hope you are well, Shreyans. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead 🙂

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