The world engulfed in a drop of water
Travels down through the skin and the lips
Leaving the warmth and regrets of moments
I had to be a somnambulist
I don’t like to just sleep
I walk in real to realize my dreams when I sleep
The world and its nefarious activities
Ensured my lethargic approach when I was awake
I waited to hear a sonorous voice
And to see benevolence shine in the real world
My thoughts bombinating inside my head
A feeling of hiraeth beats with my heart
The sky indicating aurora
Oblivion is calling me
Shaking my head and squeezing my eyes, I rise
Not sure sleeping in dreams
Or dreaming in real.






It shines above the greenish meadows

And the heaps of dust and garbage

It spreads its hotness in summer

Not differentiating good and bad, fair and ugly

It is not tardy it comes on time every day

Actually, it never comes

We go down and see it rise

When we go down we call It sunrise

It is an illusion which persisted for far too long

When it rains, it hides behind the gaseous clouds

We think that it didn’t come up

We again forget that

It never comes up, we go down

Walking on a rainy day thinking

We didn’t go down today

A realization hits hard

We did go down

The clouds won’t let us see the sun

For centuries it stayed like that

We went down every day

To see its magnificence

People stay in prison for their entire life

Thinking that they will never come out

They are right

The earth always goes down

Even if we don’t see the sun

We go down

And it stayed like that

The barrier of fear always remains

Inside one’s mind

Even if some days are good

It doesn’t mean that fear eloped

It still exists inside covered with clouds of hope

But even if we go down to see the sun

Even if we never missed a single time

We are only probably right

Because maybe tomorrow we might not go down

The sun might not come up

The fear might go away

The hope might break the walls of prison

Because we are only probably right.



Drowning inside the pool of jealousy and hatred

My body fights with the soul

The body needs appreciation 

It needs recognition by other bodies

The soul consoles itself 

It believes in true expression

It does not need results

It tries to bring the body out

From the illusion of lies

Only then it can achieve 

The state of pure expression

The body tries but it takes time

The soul waits

How long it can wait?

Death is driving fast

Above the speed limit

It is before time

It is here

The soul is pulling the body

It is now a war

Not the world war

But bigger and greater

Still not sure who wins.





It was a fine sunny morning. The sun stretched its form to pitch more and more light. There was a playground, little kids were playing football. The kids were running here and there scoring goal after goal. Loud cheers were coming from parents who were sitting in the stands.

A girl with both legs paralyzed was sitting behind the goal post, keenly observing the game. She was looking at the kids running and she was enthralled. She thought as if she was herself scoring those goals.

The goalkeeper, who was looking for the ball on the other goal post, with his hands on his forehead to hide his face from the sun, said to the girl, ‘ We are going to win you know, only fifteen minutes left and we are two goals ahead of them.’

‘Not if the match gets abandoned’, the girl replied.

The goalkeeper laughed. ‘Are you insane? How can the match get abandoned?’

The girl said, ‘It’s a possibility since the game is not yet over.’

The goalkeeper ignored her completely and got back to searching the ball which was still dancing in the opposite team’s defense.

The girl looked above and stared at the sun. The light rays were directly hitting her eyes, but she was not at all affected by it. Her eyes swallowed all the light and darkness covered the whole playground. Within a moment it started raining heavily. The rains were so heavy that all the kids ran towards their parents. The clouds were shouting above giving commands like a despot.

The girl was still sitting there. Her servant carried her to the sheds. She was completely wet. She just sat there and looked at the rains.

A few minutes later, the goalkeeper came to the sheds and sat beside the girl.

‘How did you know that rains were coming’, he asked.

The girl smiled.

Her servant carried her to the car. She was looking at the goalkeeper, who was completely stunned; she then stared at the clouds above. The sun came back to its power. The light was all around.

The goalkeeper ran towards her and asked, ‘How do you do that?’

‘I didn’t do anything’, the girl assured him.

‘Anything can be a possibility’, the girl said as her car wheels rolled on the wet streets glowing in the sunlight.



Look down.

FeaturedLook down.



I might face the charges of blasphemy

But I never understood heaven and hell

They say heaven is beautiful and glorious

But what do they mean by beauty?

Isn’t beauty a material desire?

A desire which may manifest into the roots of hell

They also say that heaven will have lots of food and wine

The appetite will surely be satisfied with heaven

But isn’t the appetite responsible for hell?

Are they saying that heaven leads to hell?

The obdurate mind loves the theory of heaven

So fed up it is of life

It can’t deal with any other hell

The mind is living in hell and it hopes

For things to get better in heaven

And it keeps on living

Travelling from hell to hell

Hoping to reach heaven

Life is a mirror

It shows you what you are

The mind is standing on a trap door

Searching for heaven

It’s been long

Soon it will realize and look down.






I looked for you in the munificence around

In the summery afternoons and chilly nights

I tried to find you in the halcyon days that passed

But you were in hiding, very clever you are.

I got robbed two days before by a man

I thought I will catch you this time

Inside that man’s heart, I looked

But you escaped.

I walked for days and hours

Knocked every heart that passed

Met prisoners who murdered for money

And you were still lost.

They say that you are all around

But I don’t see you

 Do you even exist?

I wonder if you really do

I know that you don’t

I knew this for quite some time now

Those who see you are inside a trap

Because you are not real

Dear devil, you do not exist

You are nothing.

I walked farther and farther

Below a big tree, there was a beggar

He asked me for some money

I neglected him and his broken legs

I neglected his hunger and his dirty face

I blocked my compassion

And I moved on

After a second I heard a noise

‘Welcome to the illusion’, it said

I turned back and asked, ‘Who is there?’

The reply came, ‘Devil’.





A texture reaching infinity

Walking in all directions

Carries people

Living and dead

Happy and sad

The stars are rolling

As if balls rolling on satin

Life is only ephemeral

It perceives the texture in units of time

There are some moments though

These moments throw you on the texture

You roll along with the stars

You become time

And in those moments

You find yourself.