It was a fine sunny morning. The sun stretched its form to pitch more and more light. There was a playground, little kids were playing football. The kids were running here and there scoring goal after goal. Loud cheers were coming from parents who were sitting in the stands.

A girl with both legs paralyzed was sitting behind the goal post, keenly observing the game. She was looking at the kids running and she was enthralled. She thought as if she was herself scoring those goals.

The goalkeeper, who was looking for the ball on the other goal post, with his hands on his forehead to hide his face from the sun, said to the girl, ‘ We are going to win you know, only fifteen minutes left and we are two goals ahead of them.’

‘Not if the match gets abandoned’, the girl replied.

The goalkeeper laughed. ‘Are you insane? How can the match get abandoned?’

The girl said, ‘It’s a possibility since the game is not yet over.’

The goalkeeper ignored her completely and got back to searching the ball which was still dancing in the opposite team’s defense.

The girl looked above and stared at the sun. The light rays were directly hitting her eyes, but she was not at all affected by it. Her eyes swallowed all the light and darkness covered the whole playground. Within a moment it started raining heavily. The rains were so heavy that all the kids ran towards their parents. The clouds were shouting above giving commands like a despot.

The girl was still sitting there. Her servant carried her to the sheds. She was completely wet. She just sat there and looked at the rains.

A few minutes later, the goalkeeper came to the sheds and sat beside the girl.

‘How did you know that rains were coming’, he asked.

The girl smiled.

Her servant carried her to the car. She was looking at the goalkeeper, who was completely stunned; she then stared at the clouds above. The sun came back to its power. The light was all around.

The goalkeeper ran towards her and asked, ‘How do you do that?’

‘I didn’t do anything’, the girl assured him.

‘Anything can be a possibility’, the girl said as her car wheels rolled on the wet streets glowing in the sunlight.








It is morning. My digital clock shows 5 AM. I look outside the window. It is dark. The sun is still down.

I folded my sheets, took my glasses which were placed near the lamp on the side table, and placed my left foot on the ground. As I was heading towards the washroom, my eyes fell on a newspaper, which was placed on the side table. There was a quote written on it on the left hand  side column of the front page. The quote said:  “ Believe in yourself.”

After one hour I am standing at the bus stop to catch my bus and get to work.

My office was almost 2 hours away from the bus stop. I was looking outside the window and enjoying the morning breeze. There was some warmness in the surroundings because of the rays of sun which just touched my hand. And two hours passed very quickly as I got occupied with my thoughts.

It is 8.30 AM. I am at the outside of my office building.

I entered the elevator and pressed the button for the fifth floor. I opened my cabin door and sat on the chair. I started sorting out some files. I got busy with work. I forgot about the outside surroundings. And then I heard a knock on my door.

It is 1 PM. The office maid knocks my door. I say come in. She enters. She asks, ‘do you need anything, it is lunch time?’.

I told her that I don’t need anything. She said that I should stop my work and have lunch. At first I didn’t pay any attention to her. But I noticed that she was upset. It was not her fault. I should have listened to her immediately and that was really rude of me. I then said sorry to her, pushed my files on one side and opened my lunch box.

It is 7 PM. I am waiting for my bus. I look at the backside of the bus stop. There is something going on there. I walk towards the back side of the bust stop.

I saw two young boys, around 20 years old. They were forcing a girl towards the far end behind the bus stop. They were misbehaving with the girl, she was around 25 years of age. I saw them from a distance. Their faces were not clearly visible. I ran towards them. I ran almost a kilometer. They stopped at a large tree. They started assaulting the girl. And as I got  nearer, I realized that she was my office maid. Both of them were forcing her and beating her. She was shouting but her voice was not able to reach very far. It was getting dark.

It is 7.15 PM. I am watching the maid being raped, thinking of what to do.

I thought of going back asking for help but the time was scarce. They were on to the maid. So I ran towards them and jumped on them. I kicked one of them and pushed them away from her. They took out their knives and ran towards me. I kept kicking them as they tried to stab me. One of them cut the skin on the back of my hand. It was bleeding. The other started forcing the girl. A flash appeared for just a second inside my mind. I kicked the one who was beating me, and I kicked so hard in his stomach that he was almost unconscious. I grabbed the other one by his collar and threw him towards the tree. I took the maid’s hand and we ran very hard and never looked back.

It is 10.30 PM. I am inside my room holding the newspaper which I saw in the morning.

I took a paper and a pen. I wrote on the paper in capitals: “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”. I fixed that paper on a wooden board pinned on the opposite side of my bedroom wall. I realized that I need this flash in my mind everyday.

The rule of the non-existing- A short story.

The rule of the non-existing- A short story.



She was in her bedroom, all her things were scattered on the floor. The window on the opposite wall was open. The locker inside the wardrobe was broken and all the money was gone. A hammer was lying outside the window. She took it. There was no inscrutability about the situation, she was robbed. The previous night she foreshadowed such a happening but she ignored it.

She went looking for the person who stole her money. She ran through the streets carrying a pugnacious attitude. The night was dark and silent. There was a sound playing in the background like a dirge. She thought that she saw someone going inside a house rushing. She thought that it was the thief. She entered the house and found no one. She entered the bedroom. The wardrobe was open. She saw a locker inside the wardrobe and broke it by using the hammer.

As she broke the locker, she found money. She faltered at first, but eventually, she took that money. She needed that money badly because she was robbed and she was scared of how her husband would react towards her negligent behavior. She heard someone on the door and so she rushed with the money opened the window and ran away.

She reached her house and kept the money inside the locker. She locked it.

There were two rooms in her house, each having a window and a wardrobe with a locker. A dog lived outside her house, whom she feared as the thief every time she heard a noise. And in that fear, she used to take her own money from the first room, run through the streets to enter her own house and put that money in the second room. And again when she would go into the first room she would forget about the money in the second room because of her fear and she would think that she was robbed and in search of the thief she would again come back to her own house after running through the streets and find that money in that second room which she would take and put it again in the first room. And then the dog outside her house will move again and she would fear that there is a thief. This happened every night.

It is weird how a non-existing fear can rule over you like a despot.

In the heart…

In the heart…

It was a bad day at school, she was maligned by her classmates again, her only fault was that she looked ugly. She was only 16 years old, and every day when she left for school, she knew that she had to fight, in order to survive. And most of the time she prevented any banters with her classmates by staying away, but she had to sit and learn with them. Somewhere in her mind she accepted her situation, because she had much more in her than every one around. She had a curious mind with immense potential to learn.

On the way home she was pondering about her life, and suddenly one of her classmates “Arjun”  came rushing towards her. He opened his bottle and poured water all over her head and then ran away.

After few seconds, his friends came and they all started laughing together.

“She is still dirty”, one of Arjun’s friend commented.

“don’t worry, next time I will make her clean”, Arjun replied.

“Now please give me my money”, he demanded.

It was a victory for Arjun, he won the bet, but for her it was humiliating. And she cried after reaching her home. In the night she was not able to sleep, she was feeling disgusted.

The next day when she entered the class, everybody started laughing over the previous day’s incident. The teacher came inside and everybody dipped their heads in their books.

It was Mr jacob’s period, he was a very good professor. And she liked him very much, he taught really well according to her. And she could ask anything from him and he will answer gracefully.

Mr Jacob was teaching about properties of light, and how do we see objects and nature.

“Sir”, she raised her hand and called.

“yes dear”, please ask.

“sir, how can I be sure that the way I see a particular thing or colour, everybody else sees it in the same way?”, she asked in a firm voice.

“well, what do you mean”, Mr Jacob inquired.

“Sir, suppose the garden outside is green, and I see it as green, but someone else might be seeing it in a different colour, how can I then be sure that my green is same as the other person’s green?”, she asked confidently.

“dear, it is a very thoughtful question, but you see every colour has a different wavelength which can be measured experimentally, and hence the colour green also has a particular wavelength, and so that wavelength will be same for you and the other observer, since the garden reflects only that wavelength”, Mr Jacob answered.

“but sir, even if the wavelength Is same, there is a possibility that what I see as green, can be different from what that other person sees. The other person might see my green as his or her blue. And hence what we see, is actually dependent on us.”, she replied.

Mr Jacob took a deep breath and pondered for a few seconds.

And then said, “ you might have a point in that girl”.

She then asked, “ so sir, is it then possible that what we see, is only our projection of something, and it may not be the truth.”

“ yes definitely, it doesn’t have to be the truth”, Mr Jacob replied.

The class started giggling and Arjun stabbed her with his book and said, “ stop, you dumbo.”

She didn’t hesitated.

She asked Mr jacob again, “ sir, so what I see as beautiful and dirty is just my perspective, and it is my perspective which is dirty if I see something as dirty?”

She looked at Arjun while saying this, as if she was making a statement.

“ yes, absolutely right dear”. Mr jacob nodded.

“Dirty are the eyes that sees dirty, and beautiful are the eyes that sees beauty”, Mr jacob stated.

The bell rang, and she went towards the door smiling. She looked at Arjun and he ignored her. He was looking embarrassed.

She was a girl, who had dreams, and she was beautiful. She has no name in particular, she lies in the heart of every girl.

What a dream it was !

What a dream it was !




I was walking with bare feet,

Into an unknown world,

the body was sweating immensely,

the mind was lethargic,

it was occupied with thirst for some water,

I dragged my body towards that stream,

Which was creating a euphony by its fluctuating waves,

Exasperated by my rapid breath,

I walked ahead,

I was able to see those particles Of water,

 dancing in ecstasy,

calling out to me,

and as I hurried,

a thorn pierced my skin,

from the bottom of my right foot,

it looked inside my flesh,

it threatened every single particle inside,

in return, those fearful particles,

called out to my brain for help,

the thorn was out, but the pain stayed,

walking further was deleterious,

but I continued,

it was all worth it,

when my throat finally caressed that pure water,

and then suddenly I woke up,

feeling content,

Wondering, what a dream it was,


Determined more than ever,

To remove all thorns of life,

and move ahead,

To satisfy the soul’s thirst,

of the eternal truth…

Walking Briskly…

Walking Briskly…

It was a lonely road and I kept walking briskly,

I reminded myself,

That Everything will be fine,

But The night was very dark,

Doubt was playing hide and seek with me,

What if I get lost?, I wondered,

The wind was being deceitful,

It sometimes gave me peace,

And sometimes caressed my face indignantly,

I walked further and got surprised,

From very far, I saw some people,

And in the next moment,

The darkness started immersing in the bright light,

I was finally back to where I belonged,

But was I really back?

There was a sudden feeling of emptiness,

I was missing the silence and the darkness,

and then,

I  again started feeling lost,

Fear and doubt joined me,

I went to that same path again to find that darkness,

that soothing silence,

But they were gone,

they left me alone among all those people,

the only  purpose now for me,

was to find that lost silence and darkness,

Because I belonged to them,

And until then,

I will have to continue “walking briskly”…

Now I know…..

Now I know…..


What you see is not always the truth, sometimes eyes can be misleading. Haughtiness over senses is devastating. I was walking towards my house from work, and i saw her standing, looking down from the window of a dimly lit house. Usually you remember your localities very well, but strangely I was unable to locate that house in my memory. I felt may be I was misguided by my mind, but any ways this was not a big thing to worry about.

That night when I was about to sleep, I suddenly thought of that unusual lady living in that peculiar house. And I started to wonder about what might she be doing in that house alone, or may be she has company, but something in her look told me that she was waiting for someone. But why I was interested in her life was the most important question.

In the morning when I was going to work, I tried to find that house and the lady. I looked around everywhere but she and her house was missing. And then my mind was in a state of shock. My obdurateness was defeated. Was it magic or something else? I was unable to understand anything. I just decided to not tell anyone about it, because I knew others will not understand.

But that lady and her house still haunts me, its been thirty years since that incident, but that memory is still fresh. I am lying on my hospital bed and suddenly a bright flash appeared in front of my eyes. I woke up in my living room, my mother was looking through the window, she was waiting for my father, who died when I was ten years old. And then I realized that the house that was haunting me was my own house, it was dull because at that time we hardly survived. And that lady was my mother.My mind was  devastated , I looked at myself and I was ten years old. I then fainted. And now in the hospital I have a memory of that time, when I fainted in my own house. Only difference is that now I know why I fainted.