When I was a child I used to sit and think
About God and stars
About people and life
Why I was created?
Resting on two legs and working with two hands
There I was wondering
Two eyes to see the majestic beauty
Two ears to listen
And a mouth to speak
Moulded in to a unique body
And run by a beautiful mind
I used to see pigeons fly in the sky
I wondered if I could fly
Not with my body
But inside my mind
I dreamed of flying
Crossing the boundaries of fear
But fear was a despot inside my mind
My mouth was shut by opinions
Which were fed over the course of time
None of them original
My lips vibrated when I spoke
They danced on the orders of the imaginary fear
I could see the beauty inside my mind
But I was unable to feel it in real
An unbreakable wall was created
Which kept me away from the clouds
I so wanted to cry then
To let my words express themselves through tears
And to collect them and feel their warmth
It was all a long time ago
I have improved a lot
I am becoming a better actor
My mouth throws words at my wish
The lips don’t vibrate
But the heart still does
It breaks into pieces
Everytime I hear judgements
It feels as if someone is sitting inside
Pressing my heart
But my face is blank
The inside battles are completely hidden
Sometimes when I am alone
I sit in my room
I look outside my window
There is a big tree
I watch it and embrace it as it is
My heart releases a little pressure
I don’t cry
The tears now don’t express
They are dry now
But my hands tremble in excitement
And I pour myself on the blank paper.




I have been to the depth of my soul
And I have traveled to the boundaries of my mind
I have seen people trapped in life
And I have seen life caged in minds

The stupidity sometimes shine
And the genius often lies
The rich are good actors
And the poor are bad directors

When I walked on the sun
I interacted with my soul on those hills
With bare feet I just walked
I saw the sun going down as I rose up

I realised that there is no sense to all this
All are cooking unhappiness
All are empty inside shouting for love and peace
I jumped into the depths of those hills

My body was sweating and my soul was flying
The answer was on its way
I waited for it to show up and suddenly I woke up
After all, I was thankful that I lived.




Somethings have a soporific effect

They take you to an unknown world

You are in sleep but you are awake

The heart releases vibrations at that time

Which reaches the mind and meets the soul

There is no inimical power there

Everything is just in place

You start drowning

In the veracity of that moment

The child inside you gets ecstatic

With eyes wide open

It looks

You open your eyes and see yourself

You are not you

You see a child

You wonder for a moment

Am I still dreaming?

Somewhere a child is seeing itself as you

And is wondering the same.



Only two voices
One of a clock ticking
One of a heart beating
It’s that time of the night
Even the dogs are asleep
The entire day’s work
Is resting in one corner of the mind
The future aspirations
Are shouting from the other corner
The mind is not at all interested
It ignores
It has been alone for a long time
It feels the need to come out
It needs to hear and be heard
It needs to give and receive love
It needs to exist
It needs to find itself.

A ray of light.

A ray of light.


I have heard theories about myself and I believed in them

I am drowning in the pool of lies and I don’t know the way to truth

My words are misconstrued and my emotions are ignored

I am hoping for a ray of light to enlighten my soul

To find out something that is real but is in hiding

I am scared of my thoughts which are often misinterpreted

I am scared of my actions which are wrongly perceived

My real self wants to come out and show its colors

But it is afraid of rejection, of not being valued

Once I get that light I would tear my body and enlighten my soul

I would follow that light and I would let it travel

Over the flowers and to the moon

It will shine with the stars and it will fill me with pride

Forever I will see it shine above and inside myself.

Not living

Not living

I sat beside them

It was the most dangerous ride

My heart was beating fast

Their faces were fearless

They sat casually

Like it means nothing

With every swing I felt the thrill

It was as if I was on the verge of life

Death was right next to me


They were still not afraid

What’s the point of riding then?

Just trying something new?

It is really sad though

Fear is sometimes the reason to live

I didn’t fear the rides

I feared dying

I feared not living.

That day!

That day!


I was going to help her

She was sitting on the footpath

With her daughter

Her leg was broken

Her face was disheveled

I saw her from a distance

I was in a taxi

The signal was red when I saw her

I decided to help her

But the signal suddenly went green

My taxi ran with others

I was back to my world

I thought let it be

Somebody will help her

Those eyes stayed with me

After fifteen minutes

I was at my house

And I was still thinking about that lady

I again sat inside the taxi

And went back to that signal

There was no one there

I looked around

But I didn’t see her

I regret that day even today

Not because I didn’t help her

But because I killed my kindness that day

I killed a part of myself that day

For a few seconds, I killed god

And created evil.