I have been to the depth of my soul
And I have traveled to the boundaries of my mind
I have seen people trapped in life
And I have seen life caged in minds

The stupidity sometimes shine
And the genius often lies
The rich are good actors
And the poor are bad directors

When I walked on the sun
I interacted with my soul on those hills
With bare feet I just walked
I saw the sun going down as I rose up

I realised that there is no sense to all this
All are cooking unhappiness
All are empty inside shouting for love and peace
I jumped into the depths of those hills

My body was sweating and my soul was flying
The answer was on its way
I waited for it to show up and suddenly I woke up
After all, I was thankful that I lived.


Flying Dreams…

Flying Dreams…



I look up and see it

It has outstretched wings

And it flies high, very high

On the contrary,

My mind is beleaguered

To great depths,

But as I saw it,

My mind got enamored

By its freedom

My hope starts believing,


And then, as I move ahead

I see more like it

All flying high

With outstretched wings

And owning the sky

My hope awakens the soul,


I woke up and saw them

Flying all around in my room

With outstretched wings

Owning my soul

My hope empowers them,

And as I look closer

I see each one of them


My every single dream…

The valley of reality…

The valley of reality…



He was just sitting on the chair but his thoughts were running inside his mind with ferocity. A few steps ahead of him was a big valley. He wanted to jump inside it. He had unfettered imagination but to bring that imagination to reality was a daunting task.
The wind was blowing ferociously trying to boost his confidence. His hairs were forcing his head to move ahead. His feet were ready to leave the ground. But his mind was a lone warrior. It caged itself by creating an imaginary fear.
He lived his life as a pariah. He was maligned from time to time by various men. He accumulated over the years different maledictions. He just wanted to go against the odds for once and enter inside that deep valley, to discover himself rising while falling.
He took a deep breath and heard the wind at last. He struck his feet on the ground and screamed. Tears started rolling down his eyes. He ran and jumped inside the valley and fell down to discover its rocky bottom.
He woke up breathing heavily, his eyes still moist. He did it in his dream. Now he is on a mission to gather the energy to make that jump in reality. The difference is just that the valley of reality has no bottom, it requires continuous falling.

The real dream…

The real dream…



Absconded from the harsh reality

Got tired of the abysmal ways

The world of chicanery and hate

Coerced the innocent soul

Into the dream

To seek fidelity and love

The dream brought the soul

Into an Elysian world

Restoring the faith in goodness and truth

The soul was aware that it was just a dream

It got scared

It didn’t want to elude from it

The morning came and the sun rose

Reality stood up insipidly

To rule its victims

An elegy started playing in the air

The soul never woke up…

An old man and the innocent child…

An old man and the innocent child…



A cantankerous old man,

A wrinkled face,

Infinite desires,

Small but Impecunious family,

An entire lifetime,

Desecrated soul shouting,

Trying to ameliorate the living,

That innocent child is dead,

For many years now,

Which laughed uncontrollably,

The consistent carping snatched his breath,

Now, the lethargic body,

And the inefficient mind,

Are waiting together,

There is a presentiment of death,

Death for all,

But, for the old man,

It is his reunion with the innocent child…






I woke up,
Or was I dreaming,
It was standing,
And my fear disseminating,
I looked,
It reciprocated,
I was prudent,
It seemed bent,
I pressed the switch,
The light got scattered,
I saw myself in the mirror,
My laughter swallowed the terror…