The sunrays lighted my eyes and I woke up

Morning was not usual also not so different

A man appeared at my door dressed as a saint

He told me, “Let’s go dear, we are running late”

I stood shocked at this masterstroke of fate.


I never saw that man before in my life

Mystery surrounded him and his blue eyes

He pretended to know me very well

I asked him, “Have we met before ever?”

He said, “We have been together forever.”


In that moment of sudden revelation

I pressed my brain hard to locate information

To find the traces of this mysterious soul

I tried hard but all efforts went in vain

The sunrays ran and it started to rain.


He said, “Your time is over in hell”

I said, “This is my life not hell”

He asked me to get out of the illusion

And promised to take me to life

I nodded in agreement avoiding any strife.


I woke up in my bed with sunrays in my eyes

I wondered, “Is this my new life?”

The morning was usual and not so different

I sat on the chair and no one knocked the door

What is real I wondered more and more.


Sand and sun.

Sand and sun.

It was a warm day. The sun was interacting with the soil on the beach. The waves were trying and destroying their conversation by interfering every now and then. A girl was sitting on one side and was observing the water rushing towards her dry feet.
As the water touched her feet, she felt relieved. She thought that the waves were trying to console her. When the water mingled with bruises on her bare feet, she felt like they were getting healed. The sun rays entered her open mouth and fed her.
It has been four days since she had proper food. She managed by eating leftovers thrown in the garbage can. She tried the same today but she didn’t do it. The smell of that garbage flowed inside her head and she decided not to eat.
The whole day passed. The sun went down leaving the dark sky. The girl was still sitting on the beach. The water was a little cold now. A boy came and sat near her.
He asked, ‘what are you doing here? , you should come with me and eat something from the leftovers.’
The girl, with an infuriating face, said, ‘I don’t want to eat that garbage food. Please leave me alone.’

The boy left and the girl too stood up and started walking. She walked on the streets with disappointment. Hunger was not letting her think properly. She saw a man walking out of a restaurant. She went running to him and asked for food.
The man asked the girl, ‘why don’t you go do some work instead of begging?’
The girl kept quiet.
The man then pushed her aside and went towards his car.Another man standing nearby was watching the whole scene.

He came to the girl and said, ‘it was a good question dear, why don’t you do some work?’
The girl replied in an angry tone, ‘who said that I don’t work?’
‘I protect the sand beneath my feet from getting wet and I eat the sun’s rays to keep the atmosphere cool. The sand in return consoles me and the rays give me hope to survive.’
The man looked at the girl surprisingly. He then bought her dinner. The girl ate the food and thanked the man in return. The man left.
The girl followed the man. She wanted to know more about him. He was crossing the road. Suddenly, a car ran by him. But he remained untouched. He was like a transparent soul. The girl shouted in shock. The man turned back and looked. The girl was shocked. She didn’t have any idea about the whole thing.
The man smiled and suddenly his body turned into a figure of sand glowing in the sun’s rays.






A lovely bucolic setting. Farmers are sitting under a giant round figure which is pitching brightness from all sides of the blue texture above. Back then, the sun was not named. There were different names given to it according to the purpose it served. Like people used to call it the ball of light. And they were right too. As they all were sitting and expecting the light god to go and the rain god to return, a sudden explosion took place above.
Far away somewhere, something happened. Silence ruled around everywhere. All of them got afraid. It was the fear of the unknown. Lately, things have been happening to them and they were scared to hell. But they are together and alive. They could hear each other’s heartbeat racing on the tunes of the unknown. But they still want to know things. ‘What is on the other side?’ , They wonder.
I am walking towards my office. I am really scared. I am fifteen minutes late. Another opportunity for my boss to yell at me. People are shouting on the roads as I walk, My nerves are getting squeezed inside. The fear is now dancing on my forehead. I look around and see. There is nothing much happening, except in my head. In my head, I am still in that bucolic setting fearing from that explosion somewhere. Fearing the unknown.





Feeling particularly happy or sad

The respective hormones released

I just looked at the peaceful water

And heard the uproarious winds  

I might have seen a brilliant idea in my head

Or thought of strange and mysterious places

But I perceived something different

The hormones flowed a little later

After I got stuck with a flash

Indescribable incredible experience it was

Almost like a revelation

But if hormones flowed after the flash

How did they cause the flash?

Maybe the flash pushed them to flow

I believe in causation and it follows an order

They don’t understand the flash

They think hormones are the cause

Their materialistic bodies and minds are bound

Perceiving the immaterial is difficult for them

How far will they go I wonder?

Something immaterial is sitting at the start of the chain

Who cares?

I go back to the water and the winds.




The world engulfed in a drop of water
Travels down through the skin and the lips
Leaving the warmth and regrets of moments
I had to be a somnambulist
I don’t like to just sleep
I walk in real to realize my dreams when I sleep
The world and its nefarious activities
Ensured my lethargic approach when I was awake
I waited to hear a sonorous voice
And to see benevolence shine in the real world
My thoughts bombinating inside my head
A feeling of hiraeth beats with my heart
The sky indicating aurora
Oblivion is calling me
Shaking my head and squeezing my eyes, I rise
Not sure sleeping in dreams
Or dreaming in real.





It shines above the greenish meadows

And the heaps of dust and garbage

It spreads its hotness in summer

Not differentiating good and bad, fair and ugly

It is not tardy it comes on time every day

Actually, it never comes

We go down and see it rise

When we go down we call It sunrise

It is an illusion which persisted for far too long

When it rains, it hides behind the gaseous clouds

We think that it didn’t come up

We again forget that

It never comes up, we go down

Walking on a rainy day thinking

We didn’t go down today

A realization hits hard

We did go down

The clouds won’t let us see the sun

For centuries it stayed like that

We went down every day

To see its magnificence

People stay in prison for their entire life

Thinking that they will never come out

They are right

The earth always goes down

Even if we don’t see the sun

We go down

And it stayed like that

The barrier of fear always remains

Inside one’s mind

Even if some days are good

It doesn’t mean that fear eloped

It still exists inside covered with clouds of hope

But even if we go down to see the sun

Even if we never missed a single time

We are only probably right

Because maybe tomorrow we might not go down

The sun might not come up

The fear might go away

The hope might break the walls of prison

Because we are only probably right.



Drowning inside the pool of jealousy and hatred

My body fights with the soul

The body needs appreciation 

It needs recognition by other bodies

The soul consoles itself 

It believes in true expression

It does not need results

It tries to bring the body out

From the illusion of lies

Only then it can achieve 

The state of pure expression

The body tries but it takes time

The soul waits

How long it can wait?

Death is driving fast

Above the speed limit

It is before time

It is here

The soul is pulling the body

It is now a war

Not the world war

But bigger and greater

Still not sure who wins.