Trap door.

Trap door.



Standing on a trap door
Inside which
Resides the emotions
Of love and freedom
Of sanctity and peace
All of them coalesced together
Fighting with fortitude
To come out in the open
To dance with the ecstatic waves
Covering the seas
To relish the ferocious winds
The fervent veracity
Is kicking the door hard
It is suffocating inside
The trap door remains closed
Standing on it
Is an invisible, imaginary, and menacing evil
Created by the illusion of lies with artifice
You were trapped
Or you are trapped
If you decipher its name.

Flying Dreams…

Flying Dreams…



I look up and see it

It has outstretched wings

And it flies high, very high

On the contrary,

My mind is beleaguered

To great depths,

But as I saw it,

My mind got enamored

By its freedom

My hope starts believing,


And then, as I move ahead

I see more like it

All flying high

With outstretched wings

And owning the sky

My hope awakens the soul,


I woke up and saw them

Flying all around in my room

With outstretched wings

Owning my soul

My hope empowers them,

And as I look closer

I see each one of them


My every single dream…

The dilemma of life.

The dilemma of life.



From destitution to affluence
A journey of devotion and drudgery
Seeking love and fulfilling desires
The preeminence is only temporary though
Eating and drinking
Running and relishing
Fighting and falling
Learning and rising
Caged by the fanaticism of desire
The body is alright
But the soul is on fire
The indolence is hindering the curiosity
And feeding the appetite
It is highly unrealistic to achieve
The state at which
The alive body realizes the soul
And the sempiternal happiness
Swallows the human desires and needs
To solve the dilemma of life.

The blue bird…

The blue bird…

Greenish day, dull slightly
Jay is walking, his eyes shining brightly
Wet roads due to heavy downpour
In few minutes, he will be at the sea shore
But fate planned something different
They hit him on his head and he was about to faint
His unconscious body lugged inside a car
Beyond the boundaries, he was taken very far
His eyes saw the trees around
With one of the tree, his body was bound
He spread his vision to see the deadly forest
And rose up with a pounding chest
What is this place, he wondered
His eyes went towards a blue bird
The bird was sitting on the highest branch of a tree
Bounded by nothing, it was ready to fly free
Jay realized the essence of freedom
A sudden rise in his pool of wisdom
He cut the ropes and ran away
His abductors moved and followed his way
He ran hard in his whole life
In pursuit of freedom within the strife
But now as he was running
Freedom had a different meaning
It meant not to be away from conflicts
But to find peace in life’s splits
The lesson was great but the situation absurd
All this he learned, from a blue bird.

The valley of reality…

The valley of reality…



He was just sitting on the chair but his thoughts were running inside his mind with ferocity. A few steps ahead of him was a big valley. He wanted to jump inside it. He had unfettered imagination but to bring that imagination to reality was a daunting task.
The wind was blowing ferociously trying to boost his confidence. His hairs were forcing his head to move ahead. His feet were ready to leave the ground. But his mind was a lone warrior. It caged itself by creating an imaginary fear.
He lived his life as a pariah. He was maligned from time to time by various men. He accumulated over the years different maledictions. He just wanted to go against the odds for once and enter inside that deep valley, to discover himself rising while falling.
He took a deep breath and heard the wind at last. He struck his feet on the ground and screamed. Tears started rolling down his eyes. He ran and jumped inside the valley and fell down to discover its rocky bottom.
He woke up breathing heavily, his eyes still moist. He did it in his dream. Now he is on a mission to gather the energy to make that jump in reality. The difference is just that the valley of reality has no bottom, it requires continuous falling.

The rule of the non-existing- A short story.

The rule of the non-existing- A short story.



She was in her bedroom, all her things were scattered on the floor. The window on the opposite wall was open. The locker inside the wardrobe was broken and all the money was gone. A hammer was lying outside the window. She took it. There was no inscrutability about the situation, she was robbed. The previous night she foreshadowed such a happening but she ignored it.

She went looking for the person who stole her money. She ran through the streets carrying a pugnacious attitude. The night was dark and silent. There was a sound playing in the background like a dirge. She thought that she saw someone going inside a house rushing. She thought that it was the thief. She entered the house and found no one. She entered the bedroom. The wardrobe was open. She saw a locker inside the wardrobe and broke it by using the hammer.

As she broke the locker, she found money. She faltered at first, but eventually, she took that money. She needed that money badly because she was robbed and she was scared of how her husband would react towards her negligent behavior. She heard someone on the door and so she rushed with the money opened the window and ran away.

She reached her house and kept the money inside the locker. She locked it.

There were two rooms in her house, each having a window and a wardrobe with a locker. A dog lived outside her house, whom she feared as the thief every time she heard a noise. And in that fear, she used to take her own money from the first room, run through the streets to enter her own house and put that money in the second room. And again when she would go into the first room she would forget about the money in the second room because of her fear and she would think that she was robbed and in search of the thief she would again come back to her own house after running through the streets and find that money in that second room which she would take and put it again in the first room. And then the dog outside her house will move again and she would fear that there is a thief. This happened every night.

It is weird how a non-existing fear can rule over you like a despot.