A woman is sitting on the front verandah of her house, trying to disentangle a long thread. She is totally involved in her work. Her face is wrinkled and dull, her eyes will take one to abysmal depths of pain and suffering. There is calmness in her breath. She has finally made peace with life.
A young man aged around 25, came rushing from his room. He is tall and has brown skin. He lambasted his mother who was sitting on the verandah. ‘How can he spend this much money on his portfolio?’ he asked. He has hardly made any progress on his acting career. I have spent enough and I want my money back.
‘He is your little brother son, he needs your help’, his mother replied. ‘He will definitely pay you back. Just give him some time.’
The little brother, aged around 20 came outside his room yawning. He sat near his mother. He asked, ‘why does he always behave like that?’
‘He loves you’, his mother replied. ‘He is just tensed. That’s all.’
‘But father left all this money for both of us. Why is he in charge of everything? I want to spend my money according to my wish. Why can’t I do that?’, he asked disappointingly.
The mother started shouting loudly, ‘You should be thankful to your brother. He has made a lot of money with the little your father left. He has been spending a lot of money on you as well. And now I will tell him to stop giving you money. You don’t deserve it.’
The big brother hears everything and says, ‘Mother, don’t shout at him, he is my little brother. I will do everything to make his dreams come alive. He has all the right to my money.’
Both the brothers hugged each other with teary eyes.
Their mother went outside. She sat on the verandah and got back to disentangling the thread.






When I was 5 years old

I used to watch birds fly

Flapping their wings

And producing dulcet tones

I used to inhale the fragrant air

There was some mystery around

I saw people walking and not rushing

Meeting each other and discussing

A sense of wonder was there in all eyes

There was a bird’s nest in my house

I saw the bird and its hard work

When it carried every single twig

And build its home

I was left amazed

By that creation

Today, when I see buildings rising high

Floor after floor

I miss that sense of wonder

I live on the 25th floor

And yet it doesn’t seem implausible

It’s been 20 years

The dulcet tones are hiding

Behind the mechanical and religious sounds

I enter the elevator to reach my apartment

I am not amazed by the elevator

I am just happy that I don’t have to climb the stairs

It is all so comforting

But not surprising and wonderful

I enter my house

Open the window

A bird flaps its wings

Flies to the corner of another building

Brings a twig from there

And twig by twig it builds a house

I just sit near my window and look at it

I am amazed at it

With awe and wonder in my eyes

I am 5 years old again.

one more page…

one more page…



Lying on the bed

I read a book

A gleam of sunlight falls on its words

Through the window on my right

The pendulum swings

Indicating that its time

My mind tells my brain

One more page…


One more page over

The sunlight rises

From the words of the book to my eyes

I slide down my pillow

The plot builds up

The pendulum still swinging

Its battery never dies

My mind tells my brain

One more page…


Moving from page to page

The sunlight occupies the room now

The body is sweating

It is hot, too hot

But I am stuck in between words

Too busy to close the window

Inspired by the pendulum’s swinging

I keep reading

I finish the last page

My breath relaxes for a bit

Another book flaps its cover near the window

My mind tells my brain

One more page…




I fall from a window

and I wake up in another world

the trees and the roads are different

the winds and the people are different

the sky is less dark

the rains are less harsh

I walk on the roads

and my thoughts fly

to the old world

It is peace I desired

when I was falling

but now I desire something else

I desire the old world

I always desire what I don’t have.


The window.

The window.


the crowded roads

and the running humans

the street dogs barking

and the unnecessary fighting

nothing escapes from my view

the silent gossip

and the noisy traffic

the birds chirping

and the winds rustling

I hear everything

the woebegone reality

passes through me every day

But I don’t say anything

I maintain my calm

Life needs some things in order

to counter the disorder

I just move my glass doors

on the tunes of wind

and strike the wall

to thrash my frustration

I maintain silence in my house

I try to bring fresh air

and dulcet tones of birds

to refresh the minds of humans

I am just a window

and all I do is just my job. 


dark room.

dark room.


An empty dark room

Signifying lassitude

A few of them came

And started circling the room

Finding a way to enter

They knocked from all sides

And tried to enervate

The emptiness inside

They were being deceitful

But it was obvious now

The doors of the room remained closed

The lost courage rose to power

And threw the fear away 

The state of thoughtlessness

Was reached

Filling the room

With bright light

And sempiternal bliss.




A beautiful soul was walking

Or may be flying

Souls do not walk I hear

There was nowhere to go either

No high no low

All was it

And it was all

It lived for years

But there was no reference

To measure time

It was time itself

It was love and peace

It was everything and nothing

And then one day

It met with a desire

And it broke into pieces.